Rather than saying that public opinion disputes should be collected, it is better to say how to collect it.

  Fengchao's "overtime charging" triggered a rebound in some communities. A few days ago, the Hangzhou Dongxinyuan Community Owners Committee issued a document saying that in view of the fact that Fengchao will charge overtime storage fees to express cabinet users from May 6, 2020 without consultation, the industry committee believes that this move has damaged For the benefit of the community owners, before the Fengchao express cabinet gave a solution, the industry committee decided to suspend the use of the express cabinet from the date it officially charged the overtime storage fee.

  The community owner committee "protested" Fengchao's "overtime charging" by suspending the operation, which is the most direct expression of the "market" regarding this charging policy. Judging from the previous public discussion, this is actually not surprising. Local staff indicated that they will be involved in the negotiation, but for Fengchao, the charging policy needs to be "negotiated", and I am afraid that it is not just the owner committee in a certain community.

  Strictly speaking, the rebound in public opinion caused by "overtime charges" cannot be simply summarized by consumers opposing charges. Rather than saying that public opinion disputes should be collected, it is better to say how to collect it.

  After years of market economic baptism, more and more consumers understand that "free is not always the best", and charging overtime fees to force the operation efficiency of smart express boxes is also in the interest of consumers. However, even if it times out after 12 hours, how is this time unit calculated? Is it fair? In this regard, it is indeed necessary for related companies to give consumers a reasonable explanation.

  The “Measures for the Management of Smart Express Box Delivery Service”, which came into effect in October last year, stipulates that “smart express box operating companies should set reasonable storage periods for express shipments, and the recipients should not be charged within the storage period.”

  Although there is currently no hard-and-fast rule for the "custodial period", when defining this period, enterprises must consider the company's profitability and cannot completely ignore the interests of consumers.

  Consumers' greater concern may be that once such slightly stronger charging rules are established, it is likely to bring bad demonstrations.

  On the one hand, after Fengchao's merger and acquisition of China Post, its market share will exceed 65%, and the smart express box market may form a unique situation in the future. "The space is even less.

  On the other hand, if overtime charging becomes the main source of profits for smart express box companies, the reliance on courier companies and couriers for smart express boxes may be further intensified in the future. Provisions.

  In addition, when talking about the rationality of smart express box charging, there are two major issues that cannot be avoided.

  First, the smart express box and the capital side of most express delivery companies are largely “isomorphic”. In other words, the promotion of smart express boxes is essentially the optimization of delivery methods for express companies. Since it is the optimization of self-business, the cost should not be fully borne by consumers. What's more, when the smart express box is stationed in the community, regardless of whether it occupies space or consumes electricity, to some extent, the owners of the community have paid hidden costs.

  Second, the Executive Meeting of the State Council held in March this year made it clear that the "last mile" traffic and delivery barriers in rural areas and communities should be broken, and smart delivery facilities should be included in the scope of urban and rural public infrastructure construction.

  Since smart delivery facilities will be included in the scope of public infrastructure, how to share their costs will inevitably negate their "semi-public" attributes, and can not only consider the profit needs of enterprises.

  Therefore, whether it is the “protest” of the suspension of the owners ’committees of individual communities or disputes at the level of public opinion, relevant companies must listen patiently. Right now, there are both just-needed non-contact delivery under normalized epidemic conditions and favorable policies. It is a good time to promote smart express boxes. Do n’t let the rude charging method undermine consumers ’recognition of smart express boxes. The speed of promotion of this "new infrastructure".

  □ Hagi (media person)