All Nippon Airways New Corona Deteriorates Business Environment Proposal to reduce summer lump sum payment May 9 at 7:21

As ANA's business environment is rapidly deteriorating due to the spread of the new coronavirus, ANA has solidified its policy to reduce the lump-sum payment to employees to half the level of the usual year this summer, and proposed it to the union side. .

About 90% of all international and domestic flights have been suspended or reduced due to the restrictions on entry into the world and the refraining from moving within Japan.

For this reason, the management decided to reduce the lump-sum payment to employees this summer and proposed it to the union.

ANA earns a lump sum of two months' monthly wages each year, but if agreed with the labor union, it will be reduced to one half of the average year.

If the lump sum payment is decided, it will be 2010 since the time when the number of users dropped significantly after the Lehman shock.

ANA Holdings, which has ANA as a subsidiary, plans to reduce lump-sum payments at other group companies as well, reducing personnel costs by approximately 7 billion yen.

In addition to “temporary leave,” ANA Holdings will hold a temporary vacation for the 42,000 employees of the group, as well as a temporary recruitment activity for the group that will graduate college students next spring. With the decision to suspend, the spread of the new coronavirus has had a major impact on the pay and hiring of major airlines.