Unions such as snacks in Tokyo To request rent assistance to the capital and the country New Corona May 7 17:50

Unions that are affiliated with snacks and bars in Tokyo, such as Ginza and Shinjuku, which are one of the most prominent downtown areas in the country, are unavoidable that their management will become stricter due to the extension of the emergency declaration, and subsidies for store rent to the cities and countries. I decided the policy of seeking.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Social Eating and Drinking Business Hygiene Association, which has more than 2500 stores such as snacks, bars, and taverns in Tokyo, holds an extraordinary meeting with branch executives on the 7th, following the extension of the emergency declaration. It was

At the meeting, it was reported that the rent, which costs millions of yen depending on the store, is a big burden for the management while the business is closed and there is almost no sales.

On top of that, since it is unavoidable that management will become more severe due to the extension of the emergency declaration, we decided to ask the city and the country for assistance such as store rent, and will submit a request form next week. It was.

The meeting also confirmed that a consultation system would be established to facilitate the application process for employment adjustment subsidies and sustainable benefits.

Chairman Satoshi Tsukaguchi said, “Since the declaration has been extended by one month, the social food and beverage business is really tough, and there is a limit to how much we can afford to rent. We would like to make firm requests to Tokyo and the country.” .