Israel: Supreme Court Authorizes B. Netanyahu To Form Coalition With B. Gantz

The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister and his main rival Benny Gantz will form a unity government. Emmanuel DUNAND, Menahem KAHANA / AFP

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This was the question that had been agitating the Israeli political sphere since October. Could Benjamin Netanyahu form a government despite being indicted in three corruption cases? The answer came from the country's Supreme Court on Wednesday evening May 6. She sees no legal obstacle to him leading a new government. She also refuses to reject the coalition agreement signed by Benyamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.


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with our correspondent in Jerusalem, Guilhem Delteil

This is a major obstacle to the formation of a new government which has been lifted. But the difficulties are not yet completely over. In recent days, Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies have hammered that an intervention by the Supreme Court could precipitate the country towards the fourth election. Reason for satisfaction for them: the judgment rendered this Wednesday evening does not invalidate any aspect of the coalition agreement signed between the outgoing Prime Minister and his main rival, Benny Gantz.

The most important point for Benjamin Netanyahu was his ability to be able to form a new government. While noting "  the severity of the charges  " against him, the Court considered that his appointment as Prime Minister "  is not against the law  ". And on the measures contained in the coalition agreement, she judges that they raise many legal questions but sees no reason to intervene "  at this stage  ".

Opinion of the Court only after the passing of laws

In fact, the Court considers that it does not have to rule on reform intentions, even when they are included in a coalition agreement. It decides on laws once they have been passed.

Moreover, the highest judicial body in the country does not rule out invalidating certain reforms essential to the application of this agreement after their adoption. These texts should be approved during the day by the Knesset.

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