Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of the cargo division of Emirates Airlines, stated that the carrier added 70 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft intended for passenger flights to the air cargo fleet, bringing the total to 82 aircraft providing a capacity of 3500 tons per day.

He stated that «Emirates Air Cargo» plays a pivotal role in transporting vital medical supplies and foodstuffs, including fast-moving products around the world, as well as working to support economies, and helping companies around the world to continue their work by maintaining the continuity and smoothness of supply chains Globalism.

Add aircraft

In detail, Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of the cargo division of Emirates Airlines, said that "Emirates Air Cargo", the cargo arm of "Emirates Airlines", added 70 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft intended for passenger flights to the airline's fleet of 11 A plane «Boeing 777-F», in addition to one plane chartered by the carrier «Boeing 747», pointing out that the company operates 82 aircraft in total for air cargo operations, which is witnessing a great demand in light of the effects of the Corona virus The newbie.

Sultan said, during a remote meeting with local media yesterday, that the company plans to raise the number of passenger aircraft that will be used in freight operations, to 100 aircraft, in the coming weeks, in line with the levels of demand for freight from various markets, noting that passenger aircraft provide Capacity ranges between 50 and 60 tons in the lower cargo hold and passenger compartment, while it reaches about 110 tons for the freight planes.

Removing seats

Sultan said that «Emirates Airlines» plans, during the coming period, to convert some of the aircraft designated for passengers to shipping, by removing seats, which allows more space and capacity of 75 tons per trip, pointing out that a large part of the plans depends on developments and the volume of demand During the next period.

He stated that the carrier operates freight services to a wide network of destinations around the world, within the framework of linking the markets to each other, indicating that as of the first week of May this year, the company operated regular cargo flights weekly to 67 global destinations across the six continents of the world, including 11 destinations In the Middle East, seven in Africa, 22 in Asia, in addition to six destinations in Australia, 15 in Europe and six cities in the Americas.

Sultan said that the total energy provided by the Emirates Air Cargo reaches 3500 tons per day, and operates about 600 flights departing weekly from Dubai, to serve as a vital artery connecting the world to each other, noting that the energy ranged between 6000 and 7000 tons per day, in light of the capacity Available on the passenger fleet.

Adapt operations

Sultan said that «Emirates Air Cargo» is working to adapt its operational operations to enhance global connectivity, pointing out that it has merged its operations and moved them temporarily to Dubai International Airport.

He indicated that in addition to transporting vital medical supplies around the world, Emirates Air Cargo also plays a pivotal role in transporting foodstuffs to the UAE, Gulf countries, and the Middle East in general. The company also works to support economies and help companies around the world to continue its business. By maintaining the continuity and flow of global supply chains.

Sultan said that "Emirates Air Cargo" also transfers other materials, which include fast-food and fresh products, as it supports the agricultural sector and exports in many countries, as well as ensuring the access of fruits, vegetables and other fresh products to consumers.


Sultan pointed out that the company is working closely with national governments to support local economies, by transporting company products on its flights, where it recently cooperated with the governments of Australia and New Zealand, to help transport fresh products and other major exports to global consumption markets, while ensuring the continued flow of Major supplies, including equipment and medicine, to these two countries.

He pointed out that the company provides today a global air bridge to transport the much-needed products, such as food and medicine, as well as equipment, machinery and other components that are vital for the continuation of basic industries, adding that the carrier was able, within a short period of the start of suspending passenger flights, to establish a new network and schedule Timeframe for charging operations, using the energy provided by its wide-body aircraft.

first place

Sultan added that the company, which occupies the first position in the volume of international air freight in km km, continues to link the highly productive markets, such as China, to the rest of the world during this period, as the company doubled the absorptive capacity to these markets, pointing out that «Emirates Shipping Air »operated flights under the fifth freedom between China and America to move medical equipment during the recent period.

He explained that the carrier has to obtain independent approvals regarding the conduct of air cargo flights, using passenger aircraft, noting that the necessary approvals were obtained regarding the presence of two crew on cargo flights, in order to take charge of the plane going back and forth in these exceptional circumstances, which reduces friction The crew is with other people while running the flights.

the prices

Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of Cargo at the Emirates Airlines, said that there has been a slight increase in the prices of air freight services to cover costs, especially with regard to the use of passenger aircraft for global shipping with high demand, but he pointed out that the decline in oil prices During the recent period, he reduced the operating costs of airlines in general, and helped them manage expenses.


Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of the Shipping Department at Emirates Airlines, stated that besides the Emirati market, Emirates Air Cargo continues to supply various countries of the world with the goods and products that they need at these times, noting that the Food Security Committee in the Emirate of Dubai, And all the committees formed at the state level, continue to work continuously to support the food needs of the state.

• The company supports economies and assists companies around the world by maintaining the flow of supply chains.

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