"There is no countermeasure for rice. It is not a matter of eating one or two meals, but it must be eaten until the day of death." The novelist Kim Hoon expressed 'tired boring'. 'You must eat. Until the day I die. ' It is a powerful, simple truth that no longer needs explanation.

As powerful and simple as it is, paradoxically, it is not easy to keep this proposition . As Rep. Roh Hoi-chan pointed out earlier, the process of defending 'bitteriness of the bee-eater' is really past in this troubled world that is becoming an 'animal kingdom' .From the point of view of making money through labor and putting rice in the mouth of yourself and your family, you may say that earning money is more 'dignified' than boring.

Particularly, it is also because the individual is not able to achieve it with his own personal efforts. Who could have predicted the Corona 19 situation right now? Who would have imagined the immense 'employment cold' that Corona 19 drove? The small citizens who have lived hard every moment given without a murmur are simply embarrassed. "How much harder should I live?" Screaming close to scream, many people are disappearing from the workplace even at this moment.

● What should a good country do now?

An external force that cannot be handled by personal effort or will. Through this, we come to think of the 'reason of the state' that we forgot for a while. 'Why should a country exist, and what is a good country?' There may be various opinions. There may be no correct answer. Nevertheless, one proposition that anyone can relate to is to borrow the words of the writer, and say, "A great country is a country that protects citizens from all sorts of dangers and acts against anyone ." (From this point of view, it seems that the distinction between a good country and a bad country is clearer in the course of Corona19 right now.)

Anyway, to come back to the economic problem, it is the state's most important responsibility at this point to protect the citizens by first minimizing the health and welfare problem and further, 'employment shock', after the corona crisis. I think there will be. In other words, building a social safety net to protect the lives and safety of citizens and to keep those who are in economic trouble from falling into hell is the most important issue now.
● Full support of the people… That's how much burden and responsibility

we often say. First class shines in the crisis. Now is the crisis. It is time for the government and ruling party to run the country to shine. Moreover, in the last general election, the people received full support. In a way, the support is, "Please solve the problem of 'Bob' right now in the mega crisis that will come in the corona19 crisis as well as abstract values ​​such as democracy, equality and solidarity." It would have been a cry. How to make 'Bob' and how to share 'Bob' according to the standards and procedures. It is time for the state to answer this fundamental question. Of course, it is easy and realistic for people to listen and nod their heads and clap.

The government's breath was not as long as expected. It was the Blue House that was fortunate. On the 1st, Jung Ki-jeong, Kang Ki-jung, said, “I know that all national health insurance is a merit in the process of overcoming Corona 19. I wondered whether it would be a post-corona's task to have a national employment insurance like health insurance. ” It is done. It should be noted that this remark came from a policy seminar on the “change of political landscape in the post corona era” opened by the President's Direct Policy Planning Committee. In fact, it was a message to overcome the impact of employment that would come after the Corona 19 crisis with a weapon called 'all national employment insurance' .

The ruling party and the government department immediately responded. Democratic Party leader Lee In-young said, "The revised Employment Insurance Act must include special employment workers, platform workers, etc. (in the scope of insurance coverage)." "It is time to repair the walls of the city."
The reason that the

government came out with the prescription of ' all national employment insurance ' outside of 'Employment Insurance Fence', half of the economically active population, is based on the diagnosis that fewer people have entered the ' Employment Insurance '. In other words, a huge typhoon is coming up from time to time, and there are too many people without umbrellas, not shelter. Indeed, according to a survey by the Korea Labor Institute, of the total economically active population of 27.3 million people, only about 1,3528,000 were employed in employment insurance. In short, half of the workers are unemployed and there is no economic alternative.

So what is Employment Insurance? It is literally ' insurance ' in case you lose your job . Because it is insurance, not support, the beneficiary must pay the premium in advance. In preparation for unemployment, employers and workers pay a certain amount of monthly compensation as employment insurance premiums. If a worker is unemployed, employment insurance can pay unemployment benefits and receive vocational training, and employers are provided with employment maintenance measures or training costs. It can be said to be a social safety net to help you overcome and overcome the worst of unemployment.

However, the fact that about half of the total economically active population is outside of such a safety net is a big concern for the nation-run position. What's more, it is even more so when the huge 'unemployment typhoon' created by Corona 19 is rising every time. Those who have to face the storm from the typhoon barely are low-income people in the so-called 'employment blind spots' such as small business owners and special workers. Therefore, it is the basic policy direction of the government that somehow drag them and hold an umbrella called 'employment insurance'.

● 'Strengthening the Employment Safety Net', the government's emphasis on the task

The issue of strengthening the employment safety net was more prominent in the Corona 19 crisis, but in fact, this is also the government's emphasis on the issue. One of the top 100 national projects selected immediately after the government was launched included the proposal, 'Let's expand employment insurance in stages from special employment workers and artists.' In fact, in November 2018, Democratic Party member Han Jeong-ae of the Democratic Party proposed an amendment to the Employment Insurance Act . However, the bill, which was proposed by a lawmaker, was put on the verge of being abandoned without even discussing in the standing committee against the opposition party.

However, in the last general election, the ruling party won and the situation changed again. If the ruling party had only the will, it would be possible to try to pass the bill. Rep. Daseon of the ruling party also emphasized, "This Congress should endeavor to establish a social safety net in the long term. In particular, employment-related safety nets are not a benefit to the weak, but a state's duty."

Another member of the ruling party from the Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly said, "You may get the money right now, but if the employment of the low-income group collapses completely, it will be difficult for you to use your money. I said. "

Considering this in general, the government ruling party is expected to start with the revision of the Act on Employment Insurance for Specially Employed Workers proposed by a lawmaker. The first thing to do is to give the umbrella to even the urgent. At the same time, it is expected to implement a national employment support system that gives low-income job seekers 600,000 won a month for 6 months. It is also interpreted that the Minister of Employment and Labor, Lee Jae-gap, said, "I will pursue and implement positive measures to ensure that all workers, including platform workers, freelancers, and small business owners, are protected through the employment safety net."
● To a good purpose… After all, the problem is

that it is difficult to disagree with this beautiful system by expanding the social safety net related to 'money' employment. Moreover, as the fourth industrial revolution, the types of labor are also diversified, so the need is largely sympathetic. Nevertheless, there are many mountains to overcome. Among them, the key is 'money' after all. As mentioned earlier, employment insurance is insurance, not support. It also means that beneficiaries who receive insurance must pay premiums.

Currently, the basic basis for the collection of employment insurance premiums is a system half-burdened by companies and workers who have a contract for work. However, self-employed business owners and special-employed workers are required to pay the full amount of their employment insurance premiums. It's literally a 'dalana' to say that I have to pay the full amount of insurance premiums to low-income workers and self-employed people who have a hard time living and living. If you force insurance, you have no choice but to make a big backlash.

In fact, daily workers and self-employed people can still get employment insurance. In 2004, the law was revised and daily workers 'employment insurance was mandatory, and in 2012, self-employed workers' insurance was also made available. Nevertheless, the share of self-employed people among all employment insurance members is only 0.2%. It can be said that it is not not possible to purchase employment insurance, but not. If the beneficiary is forced to buy insurance in a situation where the client cannot pay the premium, who will pay the premium? Yes, that's right. The government will give it for you. With taxes. In this passage, the government's worries deepen.

● The only alternative, community awareness and fierce debate

To make matters worse, funding, the basis of employment insurance, has already turned on 'red light'. Last year, the Employment Insurance Fund lost a deficit of KRW 2.94 trillion. The amount of money that came in for employment insurance, etc., was 11,844.8 billion won, because the amount of money spent on unemployment benefits, etc., was 13,954.5 billion won, much more. The fund deposits, which recorded a deficit for the second consecutive year, shrank from 10 trillion won in 2017 to 7 trillion won last year.

Professor Kim Joon-mo of the Department of Public Administration, Konkuk University, said, “After all, there should be more worries about financing financial resources. To expand insurance coverage based on tax revenue, it is necessary to explain to taxpayers accurately and make efforts to accurately identify tax sources. It is also necessary to build a system that reconsiders employment-related and support-related support. "

Choi Hyun-soo, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, also suggested that, after establishing an information system that can grasp income in real time, a new system should be introduced by applying the basic principle of taxation where taxes are levied where income is. . Regardless of whether or not they are insured, social insurance can be applied by charging insurance premiums in all cases where income is generated. Will.

In conclusion, there is no correct answer. No single thought or system can solve all these complex problems, like a security guard with a universal key. A poet who rides a white horse that the poet Lee Yuk-sak shouted appears and can't be solved by saying, "That's too." The sense of community that considers the socially disadvantaged and live well together, and intense consideration and discussion to efficiently distribute limited goods will be the only alternatives to solve this problem.

● "It is humans who pity the unfortunate."

Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio began the classic `` De Cameron '' with this verse. "Human it is to have compassion on the unhappy." John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, said, "If a free society cannot help the poor, we will not be able to save even the richest." Here's some advice to take a look at what values ​​and virtues we should have at this point today.

After Corona 19, the world we will face will surely be new. A strange world that has never been before, probably never experienced, will drive us wild. But, paradoxically, the old, old and familiar weapons will help you fight the strange world and help you overcome your trials. These values ​​are the sense of community, compassion and care for the weak, gratitude for sacrifice and service, and perseverance that our people showed during the Corona 19 crisis.

Today, as I watch the torrent of the stream flowing in front of us, I think of 'the dignity of a bee bee' again. There is no way to avoid it. To cross the river, you have no choice but to jump. I hope that the law is not rough or aggressive. We hope that you can pass the torrent safely with the English law that considers you and considers us first and with us.

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