Railway "May Day" holiday transportation kicks off

Over 200 EMU fares continue to be discounted

  Beijing News, April 30 (Reporter Lu Yanan) On April 30, the railway "May Day" holiday transportation officially kicked off. From April 30 to May 5, the railway will run more than 5,700 passenger trains per day, an increase of more than 700 trains from the day before the festival, and increase the "Xifa Chaozhi" high-speed railway moving sleeper train to try to meet passenger festivals. Travel needs.

  During the "May Day", it is expected that the number of family members and short- and medium-distance tourist passengers will pick up, and the railway department will open more than 30 "Xi Fa Chao to" high-speed railway moving and sleeping trains from Beijing West to Shenzhen North, Zhanjiang West, Zhuhai and Kunming South , Guiyang North, Shanghai to Shenzhen North, Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South, Zhuhai and other sections. Discounted fares for more than 200 EMU trains on 25 intercity railways, including the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway, continue to implement discounts, with a maximum discount of 50%.

  This year's "May Day" holiday, e-tickets will also enhance passenger travel experience. On April 29, the Lanzhou-Urumqi high-speed railway was implemented with electronic tickets, and the mainland high-speed rail and intercity railways achieved full coverage of electronic tickets. During the holiday season, e-tickets can be purchased, refunded, and changed through the Internet, and passengers can achieve "one pass" and contactless entry and exit with valid ID.