Oxygen concentration measuring device for blood "Please refrain from purchasing at home" New Corona May 2: 4:46

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, there is a shortage of medical equipment called pulse oximeters that measure oxygen concentration in blood, and manufacturers are refraining from purchasing at home as it is not a device that can judge the presence of infection. Is calling.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is attached to your fingertips to measure the oxygen concentration in the blood, and is used daily in the field of medical care and nursing care mainly to judge the pathological condition of respiratory diseases.

On the other hand, according to the manufacturers, as the infection with the new coronavirus spreads, the number of people purchasing it through the Internet etc. is increasing in ordinary households, and the equipment is starting to run short in the medical field.

The pulse oximeter is effective in determining the severity of pneumonia, but it is not possible to determine whether or not a person is infected with the new coronavirus.

For this reason, manufacturers are urging consumers to refrain from purchasing in ordinary households as much as possible. Among them, Konica Minolta said, "If there are no families that can cause acute respiratory failure, it is an important product in the medical field, Please refrain from purchasing at. "

In addition, Professor Masayuki Hanaoka of Shinshu University School of Medicine, who is familiar with respiratory illness, said, "I ask for cooperation so that the judgment of measurement results is a medical device that requires specialized interpretation by doctors and so on, and it spreads to the necessary sites." Talking