Statistics today showed how difficult our economy is due to Corona19 today (29th). Service industry production fell 4.4% last month, the biggest drop since 2000 when it started to produce statistics. As the social distance policy continued for several months, the hit by restaurants and lodgings was particularly serious. Even though it is still difficult, the government has decided to lend an additional 10 trillion won to small business owners as the prospect that the economy will be worse for the time being.

For more information, reporter Hwagang Yun will deliver.


Self-employed people who faced the sales cliff last month had to wait in line in front of the office of the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Agency to receive a 10 million won loan.

In just 5 weeks, a loan application of nearly 18 trillion won was collected.

It has already exceeded the amount of the first loan program, which is 1.6 trillion won.

The government suggested that it would need more funding for small business owners, and came up with a second financial aid measure at a scale of 10 trillion won.

[Gimyongbeom / Strategy and Finance Vice: This is because the extended positioning social distance for the prevention of the real economy, the spread of Corona 19 aftermath and especially infectious diseases spread exert a lasting influence on artisanal small business people who engaged in self-employment;

secondary support amount The 10 million won, window will be unified into six commercial banks.

However, those who received the first small business loan are excluded from the second application.

Reflecting the notion that people who did not need urgently because of the too low interest rate of 1.5% per annum, the interest rate of the second loan was decided to increase to 3 ~ 4% per annum.

The second loan program is a two-year, three-year repayment method.

Advance applications will begin on the 18th of the following month, and loan screening and enforcement will begin on the 25th of the following month.

(Video coverage: Sunghwa Hwa, Mincheol Kim, Video editing: Junhee Kim)