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The Government guarantees that there will be no type of cut in pensions. " Absolutely, absolutely ", in the words of José Luis Escrivá. In an interview with TVE , the Minister of Social Security has thus ensured that the Executive will not carry out any type of cut in the benefits of retirees and pensioners, a possibility that from some economic spheres had been targeted as a measure to contain spending in the face of imbalances that the coronavirus crisis will cause.

"There is going to be a fairly significant increase in debt, but it is going to be an increase once and for all. It does not jeopardize the sustainability of public accounts, in fact risk premiums and the usual indicators that could cast doubt on the solvency of the system is maintained, "he said. "What it is about" when this crisis is overcome, he added, is "to readjust income and expenses in the Administration, so that Social Security, which has quite high levels of contribution income, emerges as what it is : solvent ".

Also, when asked about the minimum vital income, Escrivá pointed out that the Government is working so that the measure can be brought to the Council of Ministers in the second half of May, "and announced that applicants for this measure must submit to a double exam or test.

On the one hand, and as had already been pointed out, they will have to meet income levels and there will be premiums for single-parent families and also depending on the number of children. "But in addition, we are also going to do a net worth test , that is, the net wealth of each of the potential beneficiaries must pass certain thresholds that we are calibrating," he said.

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