(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Wuhan Metro resumes operation "full moon" The average daily passenger traffic rebounds to 600,000 times

  China News Service Wuhan, April 28 (Zeng Siqi, Qidou Zhangqin) Wuhan Metro has resumed operation for one month on the 28th. At present, all subway lines have been restored, and the average daily passenger traffic has been reduced from less than 180,000 in the initial stage of operation. The number of rides has gradually increased to 600,000 rides.

  On March 28th, the Wuhan subway was temporarily suspended for 65 days and then "restarted" to return. Rail transit lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 took the lead to resume operation; on April 8, the first phase of rail transit line 8 resumed operation ; On April 22, the third phase of the Yangluo Line, Line 11 and Line 8 resumed operation, and the Wuhan rail transit network was fully restored to normal.

The staff of Chuhe Hanjie Station guide the passengers into the station and ride in the station hall. Photo by Xie Hao

  The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Metro Operation Company said that since the subway resumed operation, it strictly followed the "Technical Guidelines for Disinfection Operation of Public Transport". During the operation period, the subway station and train ventilation system were supplied with the new air mode according to the maximum air supply volume, ensuring Air circulation; disinfection of frequent contact areas such as ticket windows, ticket gates, public toilets, etc. All trains in operation are disinfected by spraying, wiping or dragging when returning; all stations are based on passenger flow "One station one plan", "one point one plan", the management staff subcontracts the station to supplement the on-site passenger flow organization strength; in front of the entrance gate and self-service ticket machine of the "three stations and one station" and the main transfer station Place hand sanitizer for passengers who need it.

  According to statistics, as of April 27, the total passenger traffic of Wuhan Rail Transit Network was 13.81 million trips, the rate of train operation maps was 99.99%, and the punctuality rate of trains was 100%. In order to ensure the rapid transportation of passengers during the epidemic, Wuhan Metro has adjusted the driving plan by dynamically adjusting the driving organization plan and adding passengers to ensure sufficient transportation capacity. On April 13, 20, and 26, the driving plan was optimized three times in a row. , Adding on-line trains, the cumulative increase in capacity is about 60%. At present, the shortest driving interval for peak hours (such as lines 1, 2, 3, and 4) during peak hours has reached 4.5 minutes. (Finish)