China News Service, April 28, the central bank released the "Qualification Report on Urban Depositors in the First Quarter of 2020" on the official website on the 28th. According to the survey report, in the first quarter of 2020, the People's Bank of China conducted a survey of 20,000 urban depositors in 50 cities across the country, and the results showed that: 22.0% of residents tended to "more consumption", down 6.0 from the previous quarter Percentage; 53.0% of residents tended to "more savings", up 7.3 percentage points from the previous quarter; 25.0% tended to "more investment", down 1.3 percentage points from the previous quarter

  The top three investment methods preferred by residents are: "Banks, securities, insurance company wealth management products", "fund trust products" and "stocks". The proportion of residents who choose these three investment methods is 48.6%, 21.6% and 16.3%.

  When asked about the projects to increase spending in the next 3 months, the residents' selection ratio from high to low is: education (31.5%), health care (29.4%), home purchase (19.2%), tourism (19.0%), social Culture and entertainment (18.4%), large-value goods (18.0%), insurance (17.1%).