Private equity funds that cannot return customer money, such as the Lime Asset Management Incident, are continuing. Private equity funds in Discovery Asset Management sold by IBK are one such example, and investors argue that the risks of the funds are not properly explained. 

Reporter Chan-Keun Park covered.


Mr. A, who runs a small business, put 300 million won into the fund to explain that there is no risk of loss.

[A Mr./Discovery Asset Management Fund Investor: 'There is absolutely no principal loss. Do not sell Never such products at Industrial Bank boss '(it is called). I think because'm yet ulkeok]

they are a key investment "was a private equity fund operating in the capital against the American companies to invest in small business lending products operate Discovery' assets .

However, in April of last year, the US company caught false reports of the yield and asset value to the authorities, and the assets used were frozen.

Domestic investors who have invested 69.5 billion won in all of these funds through IBK have not been able to find money for the first year.

Looking at the investment proposals received by the IBK from the managers, the fund risk rating is the highest.
It also tells investors not to disclose the content of the proposal.

It is suspected that the fund contract contains blank spaces for which the risk level of the investment should be stated, so that the risk is hidden and sold to customers.

IBK explained that it was judged to be safe internally, and it also informed investors of the risks.

The Financial Services Commission tried to improve the private equity system by examining whether fund sellers such as banks and securities firms managed the funds without problems, and immediately reporting to the supervisory authorities if problems were found.

(Video coverage: Jang Un-suk · Choi Ho-jun · Park Seung-won, Video editing: Park Ki-deok, CG: Park Sang-hyun)