(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) China's economic war "epidemic" record: "-6.8%" after the economy how to gain a foothold Three official signals

  China News Agency, Beijing, April 25. Question: China's economic war "epidemic" record: "-6.8%" How does the economy gain a foothold? Three official signals

  China News Agency reporter Wang Enbo

  After the GDP fell by 6.8% year-on-year in the first quarter, how can the Chinese economy gain a foothold? On April 23, Premier Li Keqiang presided over a video symposium on the economic situation of some provinces and cities, and released three signals on the current economic and social development work.

 Research and judge the situation: fully estimate the difficulty

  In this symposium, the heads of the six provinces (cities) of Jilin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong, and Sichuan reported on the video connection to the local economic operations and plans for the next step. From the analysis of the report, whether it is in the eastern, central, western or northeastern regions, the economic operation in the first quarter was generally severely affected by the epidemic.

  Li Keqiang said that the current epidemic situation is still in the stage of a global pandemic. The economic situation at home and abroad is extremely complex and severe. To be realistic and scientifically judge the economic trend, it is necessary to fully estimate the difficulties, face the challenges directly, and strengthen development confidence and enhance development momentum.

  Confidence comes from the fact that the economic performance has improved significantly since March. Tang Jianwei, chief researcher of the Bank of Communications Financial Research Center, judged that the domestic epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and the annual economic growth was low in the first quarter. With the continuous introduction of more vigorous policies, measures for resuming production and resuming production and expanding domestic demand have been implemented. It is expected that production, consumption and investment will continue to rebound in the second quarter.

  However, the continued global spread of the epidemic means that the Chinese economy must still be prepared for the "second shock." Lu political commissar, Industrial Bank ’s chief economist, reminded that under this background, the resumption of production and production may still face external demand interruption due to large-scale outbreaks of overseas epidemics. This is a problem that China needs to cope with throughout the second quarter. Big.

  Clear direction: draw the bottom line of "six guarantees"

  Following the "six stability," the Central Political Bureau meeting held a few days ago proposed the "six guarantees." Employment is a great intersection between the two.

  As the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the resumption of production and production is accelerating. The unemployment rate in China's urban survey in March was 5.9%, a decrease of 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, but the pressure contained in it cannot be ignored. In the same month, the unemployment rate in urban surveys nationwide was significantly higher than that in the same period of last year, and the size of the employed population fell by more than 6% compared with January, and about 18.3% of the employed personnel were in the state of not working.

  Li Keqiang emphasized that "six guarantees" must first protect residents' employment, basic people's livelihood, and market players. Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households are the main force for absorbing employment, and they have been hit the hardest in this epidemic. To implement and timely improve tax relief, financial support, cost reduction and other relief policies for enterprises, localities should also increase their support to help enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, overcome difficulties.

  In this regard, Zhang Yi, director of the Department of Demographic and Employment Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, pointed out that as various economic and employment policies came into effect, efforts to reduce burdens and stabilize positions increased, investment and industry-driven employment capacity began to improve, and guided the orderly transfer of migrant workers Employment, broaden the employment channels of college graduates, strengthen the protection of the underprivileged people, and maintain the overall stability of employment has a basis and conditions.

 Facing Difficulties: Firmly Reform and Open

  "The more difficult it is, the more we need to expand reform and opening up, stimulate internal vitality, strengthen development momentum, and firmly stabilize the basic economic Chinese economy." Li Keqiang said at the forum.

  From the formal lifting of restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares held by securities companies and public fund management companies, the decision to host the 127th Canton Fair online, and the introduction of the first factor market-oriented configuration file ... China's reform and opening up did not stop during the epidemic prevention and control. Since April alone, a series of related initiatives have landed one after another.

  Against this background, the confidence of foreign investors has also continued to increase. Recent surveys conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, the US-China National Trade Commission, the Japan Trade Promotion Agency and other chambers of commerce have shown that since March, the production and operation of U.S.-funded and Japanese-funded enterprises have tended to improve, and their willingness to invest has increased significantly from February.

  Expanding reform and opening up not only helps stabilize China's economic fundamentals, but also contributes to stabilizing the world economy and helping the global epidemic.

  Zhou Jinzhu, deputy director of the International Trade Research Department of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, for example, said that the recovery rate of the Chinese raw material industry and the production rate of major products are more than 80%, and the daily production capacity of medical protective clothing increased by more than 40 in only two months Times. "As an important part of the global industrial chain supply chain, China has always adhered to its commitment to open cooperation and provided practical support for countries to fight against the epidemic." (End)