Collect all undistributed cloth masks 2 companies due to defective product issue New Corona April 24 4:26

Due to the problem that defective products were found in some of the cloth masks that the government began distributing with the spread of the new coronavirus, Kowa, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer that delivers masks, and ITOCHU, a major trading company, are still distributing it. Announced to retrieve all missing masks.

In response to the serious shortage of masks, the government has begun to distribute cloth masks to pregnant women and to all households nationwide, but there are many reports of defective products such as stains on some of them. I will.

In response to this, Kowa and ITOCHU, which deliver cloth masks, will collect all the masks that have not been distributed yet.

The masks of both companies are manufactured at overseas factories, and in the future, in addition to local inspections, we will strengthen the inspection system by inspecting again after importing to Japan.

Kowa said, "We will take this situation seriously, collect all of it, and then re-inspect it." In addition, ITOCHU "will cooperate as much as possible in efforts to prevent infections." I am commenting.