Expansion of emergency declaration Dogo Onsen Main Building Tomorrow closed Ehime Matsuyama April 17, 15:12

The Dogo Onsen Main Building, a tourist attraction in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, which has been designated as an important cultural property of the country, has been temporarily closed from the 18th in response to the expansion of the target area of ​​the emergency declaration. It was.

Dogo Onsen Main Building is a public bath built in 1897 and is known as a tourist attraction in Matsuyama City, visited by more than 700,000 people a year, and is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

Even after the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it continued to operate as the center of the hot spring town, but in Matsuyama City, which manages the facility, the government expands the target area of ​​the "emergency declaration" to the whole country on the 16th. In response to my decision, I decided to temporarily close it from the 18th to the 6th of next month.

The Dogo Onsen Main Building will be closed for a long period of time, except for temporary ones due to construction work. That is the first time.

In addition to the main building at Dogo Onsen, the surrounding facilities managed by Matsuyama City, such as the "Annex Asukanoyusen" that opened three years ago and the "Sky Walkway" with footbath, will also be closed, and the new Corona There is concern that the impact on the tourism industry in the region, where the number of customers has dropped significantly due to the spread of virus infection, will further spread.