Stock price fell sharply Sales orders were hit by the spread of infection Spread April 16 16:04

Tokyo stock market on the 16th, the stock price has dropped significantly. Sales orders expanded following the reconfirmation of the impact on the global economy caused by the spread of new coronavirus infections, including the deterioration of US economic indicators.

The closing price of the Nikkei average is 19,290.20 yen, which is 259.89 yen lower than the 15th.

TSE stock index = topics fell 11.83 to 1422.24.

The daily turnover was 1,289,590,000 shares.

A market official said, `` As the economic indicators continued to spread in the U.S. where the spread of new coronaviruses continued to grow, there was growing concern over the future, and the stock price temporarily dropped by nearly 400 yen in the morning, but has recently dropped. There are also moves to repurchase the stocks that had previously been used, among investors the contents of the guideline for resuming China's GDP = gross domestic product and President Trump's announced economic activities announced on the 17th of Japan time. Is getting more attention. ”