Stock price temporarily dropped by nearly 400 yen Deterioration of economic indicators in the U.S. April 12 at 12:11

The Tokyo Stock Market and Nikkei Stock Average on the 16th temporarily dropped nearly 400 yen. In the United States, where infection with the new coronavirus continues to spread, economic indicators have deteriorated one after another, and the number of sales orders has increased as it was once again confirmed to have a serious impact on the economy.

The Nikkei Stock Average morning closing price is 234.64 yen, which is cheaper than the closing price on the 15th, at 19,315.45 yen.

TSE stock index = topics fell 13.95, to 1420.12. The turnover in the morning was 598.6 million shares.

A market official said, `` In the United States where the new coronavirus infection continues to spread, the sales index of the retail industry in March dropped to the highest level compared to the previous month, and the serious impact on the global economy is one after another. As a result, there is growing concern about the outlook, and the stock price temporarily dropped to nearly 400 yen.Investors are also worried about the fact that the peak of the infection spread cannot be predicted in Japan. It has become. "