▲ High school students taking classes at home by online lecture

On a first-ever online school day, Naver won Microsoft (MS) in a head-to-head battle between cloud providers.

'EBS Online Class', which introduced Microsoft's cloud, has been disabled since the start of classes on the morning of the 9th, but' e-learning site 'of KERIS' entrusted Naver provides relatively smooth remote class service without any problems. Contrast.

The EBS online class, which is expected to attract the most users, prepared for online schooling by bringing in Microsoft's cloud platform 'Azure' and increasing the number of concurrent users to 3 million.

However, many teachers and students complained of inconvenience at the same time, starting at 9 o'clock at the beginning of the morning, causing multiple obstacles in uploading and logging in to middle school courses.

A network bottleneck occurred between a web application server (WAS) that provides Internet services and a storage server where data is stored, and a login server was also known to not bear the load.
Disability was not caught until 10:15 when the total of 1,200 WAS was completed.

The maximum number of simultaneous access to EBS Online Class on this day was 26,280.

The EBS online class revealed weaknesses such as not being able to withstand the rapidly increasing load even during the online lecture on the 23rd of last month.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Science and ICT also requested EBS to submit reasons and measures for delays in access and upload.

On the other hand, the e-learning site using the cloud of Naver Business Platform (NBP) endured increased traffic without any obstacles.

On the day of e-learning, the maximum number of concurrent users was 12,832.

An NBP official said, "To provide a stable service for the e-learning site, we have formed a dedicated task force (TF) to operate a 24-hour monitoring system." I am doing it. "

However, if online school starts to expand in the future, it is still difficult to judge the success or failure of the service because the internet traffic is several times larger than now.

The opening dates for this school are 440,000 middle school students and 500,000 junior high school students, but on the 16th of this month, middle and high school students in grades 1 to 2, elementary students in grades 4 to 6, and in the 20th, elementary students in grades 1 to 3 in order There are a lot of traffic waiting for you to enter, such as entering.

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