Stock prices fall for the first time in five business days Concern over prolonged effects of new corona April 9 16:08

The closing price of the Tokyo Stock Market and Nikkei Stock Average on the 9th fell for the first time in 5 business days. In Japan, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus continues to increase, and there is concern that the impact on the economy will be prolonged.

The Nikkei Stock Average closing price on the 9th was 19.345.77 yen, 7.47 yen less than the 8th, falling for the first time in 5 business days.
TSE stock index = Topics fell 8.49 to 1416.98.
The daily turnover was 1,368.89 million shares.

According to market officials, "Yes, the number of infected people confirmed on a single day nationwide exceeded 500 for the first time. The Nikkei Stock Average, which has risen by more than 1,500 yen every day this week, has been selling some of its stocks to secure profits. ".