NY Stock Market Price Rise for Two Consecutive Days Expectations for FRB Funding Measures, etc. April 10 at 5:28

The New York stock market on the 9th rose for the second consecutive day on expectations of the Fed's financing measures for companies.

The New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones average closing price of $ 285.80 cents compared to the previous day at $ 23,719 and 37 cents closed on the 9th, rising again from the previous day.

This day, despite a significant increase in new unemployment claims following the previous week, the Federal Reserve's (Fed) Board's expectation of a funding policy for private companies was announced at the same time. Order is ahead.

The view that the spread of the new virus in Europe and the United States is slowing has also supported the market.

Market officials say, `` While the company's financial results begin to appear next week, there are still a lot of uncertainties, but some believe that the worst case of prolonged infection spread is being avoided in the market. Is out. "

The New York Stock Exchange does not trade on Friday 10th due to a public holiday called "Good Friday".