Dubai Airports confirmed that it moved quickly to facilitate an increase in the number of freight operations occurring in the volume of perishable products and medicines with additional aircraft, noting that the Department of Shipping Operations and Logistics works with freight operators and service partners to maintain supply chains in Dubai and the UAE during these difficult times.

The Foundation indicated in a statement yesterday that during last March, the volume of fruits and vegetables traded through Dubai International Airport increased by 88.5% (18.164 thousand tons) on an annual basis, while the volume of pharmaceuticals increased by 49.4% (12.5 thousand tons) driven Mainly due to the increase in the global demand for medical supplies and equipment, as a result of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, while the volume of meat products grew by 17.8% to 8050 tons during the same month.

Dubai Airports Corporation CEO Paul Griffiths said: “We moved quickly to facilitate the process of replacing the cargo capacity that is usually provided in the lower cargo stores of passenger aircraft by equipping a number of cargo aircraft intended to maintain food supplies, supplies and equipment flowing to the United Arab Emirates during the crisis. The current unprecedented global ».

He added that the airlines have moved quickly to mobilize cargo flights between Dubai and other cities all over the world, where the Emirates Shipping Company on the first of April of this year temporarily moved its cargo operations from Al Maktoum International Airport to Dubai International Airport, to start its operations with the huge cargo plane Boeing 777, which includes 11 aircraft, and Emirates Airlines has supplemented the Emirates Air Cargo fleet by adding several Boeing 777 passengers from its fleet to increase the amount of cargo.

Griffiths pointed out that 12 airlines currently operate an average of 110 daily cargo flights at Dubai International Airport, stressing that as part of its efforts to ensure public health, Dubai Airports is taking strict measures to ensure the intensive sterilization of goods and cargo facilities.


An increase in the volume of fruits and vegetables circulating through Dubai Airport in March.