Civil Aviation Administration of China: Vigorously rectify the behavior of reselling air tickets for high-priced counterfeit seats

China News Agency, Beijing, April 9 (Reporter Zhou Yin) Liu Lusong, Director of the General Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said at a press conference held by the Civil Aviation Administration on the 9th that due to the rapid spread of foreign epidemics, international aviation has been greatly reduced and returned to China. It is normal for air tickets of flights to rise to a certain extent due to supply and demand. However, individual unscrupulous sales agents and "Huang Niu" have used technical means to take up occupied seats and increase the price of reselling, which has seriously disrupted the order of China's international air transport market and seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.

To this end, the Civil Aviation Administration has issued a notice to put forward strict requirements. First, it requires airlines to perform their main responsibilities, further expand direct sales channels, strictly implement international freight rates policies, implement the provisions of clearly marked prices, and announce international freight rates in a timely, accurate, and comprehensive manner. The applicable conditions of the level also require airlines to strengthen the management of sales agents, urge OTA platforms (online travel agencies) and sales agency companies to strictly implement relevant policies, and strictly handle OTA platforms and sales agency companies that violate regulations. .

The second is that each OTA platform should urge the sales agency companies on the platform to strictly implement the relevant policies. The OTA platform should strictly handle the behavior of illegal operations by the sales agency companies on the platform.

The third is to strengthen the management of the reservation system. If there is an abnormal reservation account number and reservation instruction, timely intervention and treatment are required.

The fourth is to require the China Air Transport Association to strengthen industry self-discipline, and strictly handle sales agency enterprises that violate regulations.

Fifth, the civil aviation administrative system and various administrative departments are required to strengthen supervision and inspection of international freight rates, and to deal with violations of laws and regulations seriously.

Liu Lusong emphasized that recently, domestic airlines strictly implemented the spirit of the notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, strengthened the management of sales agency companies, strengthened the management of sales channels, expanded the proportion of direct sales, and shortened the time of booking and issuing tickets Time effectively avoids the behavior of occupying seats and selling at high prices.

The Civil Aviation Administration recommends that passengers purchase air tickets through regular channels as much as possible to avoid being deceived. If there is an act of buying air tickets at a high price, these passengers are advised to keep the tickets properly and complain to the national market management department. (Finish)