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Can 5G news impact WeChat Alipay

Our reporter Huang Xin

On April 8, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom jointly released the "5G Message White Paper" and announced the joint start of the 5G message service.

How is 5G messaging different from traditional SMS? Simply put, 5G messages are multimedia and interactive services, not only text, pictures, but also send video, location, and even complete payment. For example, in the 5G short message conversation with 12306, users can quickly realize ticket booking, payment, and ticket change operations by sending voice or text, and clicking on the keyword form.

According to reports, there are two types of 5G messaging services. One is interaction between individual users, and the other is interaction between enterprises and individual users. For individual users, 5G messages will break through the length limit of traditional short messages, and the content will also break through the text limit to achieve the effective integration of text, pictures, audio, video, location and other information. For enterprises, 5G messaging will provide an information interaction interface with individual users. Enterprises can output personalized services and consultations to users through rich media such as text, voice, and tabs.

5G messaging inherits the traditional SMS-free registration, installation-free applications and other features, and further achieves convenient and efficient information exchange. In addition, 5G messages also support information transmission methods such as encrypted transmission and graphic passwords, which can guarantee information security and protect user privacy.

"5G messaging is a common choice for operators around the world. Based on the unified GSMA RCS standard, it will bring customers a new experience in multimedia messaging, commercial messaging, intelligent messaging, interactive services, security and anti-counterfeiting." Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Dong Xin said.

Senior telecommunications analyst Ma Jihua believes that in the future 5G era, diversified terminals and the Internet of Things and mobile Internet will be integrated, and the value of SMS will be further reflected.

Industry experts believe that the application prospects of 5G news in the enterprise market are even broader. "5G messages integrate text, pictures, images, and sounds. When a menu system is established, short messages become a comprehensive information system, and services can be provided through a variety of means. The menu of short messages is on the first screen of the mobile phone, beside An important position, occupying this position, and upgrading its capabilities to an integrated service platform will make it easy for users to use. "Xiang Ligang, chairman of the Information Consumption Alliance, said.

5G messaging is an important part of the 5G ecosystem and the digital economy. It carries the important mission of traditional SMS business transformation and upgrading, and also contains an important opportunity for the evolution and iteration of the information service model. For the 5G messaging service, operator interconnection is very important. The three major operators jointly released the "5G Message White Paper", which reflects the open sharing between operators on this service.

Dong Xin said that China Mobile will work with the industry to accelerate the development of 5G news and enrich 5G application scenarios. Wang Guoquan, deputy general manager of China Telecom, said that China Telecom will strengthen cooperation with all parties in the industry chain to jointly create a high-value messaging ecosystem with network interconnection, business interconnection, terminal sharing, and consistent experience. Fan Yunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, also said that he expects all parties in the industry chain to work together to build a 5G messaging ecosystem, upgrade the messaging service experience of mobile phone users, and boost the application value of the information service industry.

At the same time, industry chain related companies have also expressed their views. According to reports, Xiaomi mobile phones will support 5G news in all 5G models in the future, and actively promote the commercialization of 5G news products. Samsung is developing 5G messaging services based on the operator ’s latest specifications and plans to provide full support for 5G mobile phones this year.

Will 5G news impact WeChat and Alipay? Xiang Ligang believes that the strength of telecom operators depends on interconnection. The 5G messaging service platform requires not only telecom operators, but also mobile phone manufacturers and service providers. If telecom operators integrate more service providers with a more open mind and become a powerful comprehensive service platform, it will have an impact on WeChat and Alipay.

"Operators are united to provide users with unified and standardized services, and there is no power to intervene to hinder, because operators are the bottom layer of communications, which is not the ability of any other Internet company." Ma Jihua said.