China-Singapore Jingwei client April 9 (Thursday 9) Shanghai and Shenzhen also opened higher. The Shanghai index maintained a wide range of shocks above 2800 points, and the GEM index rose more than 1% to approach 2000 points. Telecommunications operations and the pharmaceutical sector led the gains, with the "5G News" standing at the forefront, and the RCS concept skyrocketed.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2825.90 points, an increase of 0.37%, and the trading volume was 247.393 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 10463.05 points, an increase of 0.74%, and the trading volume was 405.779 billion yuan; the GEM Index reported 1997.14 points, an increase of 1.65%.

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On the disk, sectors such as medical services, communications operations, medical devices, chemical pharmaceuticals, and marketing and communications led the gains; sectors such as fisheries, semiconductors, electronics manufacturing, plastics, and apparel and home textiles led the decline.

In terms of concept stocks, RCS Rich Media Communications, Hangzhou Asian Games, Ophthalmology Medical, Medical Aesthetics, Data Center and other gainers led the gains, while funding leaders, sugar, wireless headsets, 3D cameras, sensors and other gainers led the decline.

In terms of individual stocks, 2301 individual stocks rose, among which 150 individual stocks such as Ciwen Media, Neusoft Carrier, and Century Huatong rose more than 5%. 1,249 stocks fell, of which 37 stocks such as Dawning, ST Ruidian, Tianmai Technology and others fell more than 5%.

On April 7, the 25th meeting of the State Council ’s Financial Stability and Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Finance Committee”) proposed the use of a variety of policy tools to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity, adhere to the normal opening of the stock market, and broaden the low cost of enterprises Financing channels; resolutely combat all kinds of counterfeiting and fraud, relax and eliminate regulations that do not meet development needs, and increase market activity.

Guojin Securities believes that the convening of this meeting of the Finance Committee has raised investors' expectations of capital market reforms, which will help mid- and long-term capital to enter the market. Considering that subsequent counter-cyclical policies (rate cuts and quasi-regulation + active finance) have been introduced, the exchange rate Overall stability, foreign investment returns to A shares into a high probability event, the market is expected to gradually repair the pessimism, and the rebound window of A shares since March 23 still exists.

Guodu Securities believes that it is expected that the overseas epidemic curve from mid-April to mid-June will most likely turn into a peaking and falling stage. With the decline of the number of newly confirmed diagnoses in this stage, the market's confidence and expectations for epidemic prevention and control will improve. Risk aversion eased, and boosted by ample liquidity in the first stage, the assets after the rapid plunge are expected to stabilize at the bottom and usher in a technical rebound market, but the technical rebound market may be concentrated in the newly confirmed diagnosis curve. In the first half of the year, it is initially expected that the global market is expected to usher in a technical rebound after the plunge in mid to late April.

In terms of allocation, China Everbright Securities recommends that long-term capital purchases of value investment, for short-term investors, the market is also expected to usher in the right configuration opportunity. The specific configuration continues to focus on four main lines: investment and automobiles are relatively reliable starting points for steady growth. It is recommended to focus on pure domestic demand areas such as new and old infrastructure, automobiles and real estate; if the European and American economies experience shocks in the second quarter, from the perspective of the supply chain, focus on automobiles, etc. The vacancies in delivery equipment, chemical and chemical, medical and medical equipment, aerospace and agricultural products may be filled; with the panic in the US stocks gradually ending in the second half, consumer-based value stocks previously thrown out by foreign investors have a chance of oversold rebound; The big variables are all realized before the shock period, it is recommended that investors with low risk preferences pay attention to the high dividend target. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei app)

(The opinions in this article are for reference only, and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky and you need to be cautious when entering the market.)