The Government yesterday approved a royal decree with measures to make the incorporation of immigrants and the unemployed into the tasks of collecting stone fruit more flexible. The harvest begins in a few weeks and, due to mobility restrictions and the closing of borders, labor is lacking. Between 75,000 and 80,000 people.

Who can 'sign up' for the collection? The Government has approved measures so that the unemployed who are collecting an unemployment benefit can join these jobs but continue to collect unemployment. Thus, they would have a second source of income that would complement what they already receive. Foreign workers residing in Spain, but whose leave ends on June 30, as well as young foreigners from 18 to 21 years of age, will be given permission (or the extension thereof) so that they can join these tasks. Are you a volunteer? Yes. The idea is to alleviate the lack of labor and that the unemployed can "and will be able to combine these benefits with the possibility of obtaining income through these agricultural tasks". People who, fulfilling the requirements established in the royal decree approved, want to join temporary jobs, they will do so "absolutely voluntarily," according to Agriculture. What if I am affected by an ERTE? Workers affected by a regulatory file temporary that is linked to the stoppage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, they cannot take advantage of these measures, since, according to the Government, "they already have their own financing and coverage." In which areas? The idea is that it is compatible with the mobility restrictions that are linked to the alarm state. The royal decree establishes "proximity" measures. The hired workers will be in the municipal area or the neighboring ones, "to avoid displacement". Thus, people whose homes are close to the places where they carry out the work may benefit from the flexibility measures. It is contemplated as a requirement for the employer the need to ensure, at all times, the availability of appropriate means of prevention against the Covid-19 How can you apply? The job offers that need to be covered in each locality will be communicated by companies and employers to the competent autonomous public employment services, which will manage them with the beneficiaries.

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