Self-restraint going out Drowning in the city center on the weekend is greatly reduced New Corona April 6 17:24

Estimated data showing the number of people in the city center this weekend were asked to refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings due to the spread of the new coronavirus. On Sunday, the number of people who visited Tokyo's 23 wards has dropped by more than 65% compared to the previous weekday.

Yahoo uses the location information obtained from the users with consent and estimates the number of people in each of the 23 wards of Tokyo on a daily basis with privacy protected.

According to this, the total number of people who visited Tokyo's 23 wards was 1.977,000 on Saturday 4th and 813,000 on Sunday 5th.

On weekdays last week, the average number of visitors to the 23 wards of Tokyo was over 2.383,000 per day, compared to a significant decrease of 53.9% on the 4th and 65.8% on the 5th.

Similarly, compared to the weekend of 28 and 29 last month, when self-restraint was called out, 4 days decreased by 3% and 5 days increased by 2.5%.

On the other hand, compared to the weekends of the 21st and the 22nd last month before the call for self-restraint was called out, the number decreased by 20.5% on 4th and 29.1% on 5th.

In the future, when an "Emergency Declaration" is issued based on the law, in the target area, it will be possible to request the cooperation necessary for prevention of infection, including self-control of going out, unless necessary for maintaining life. It is likely that there will be a big change due to human movement.