The attacks on websites in the country witnessed a big increase of 977% during the last two months of January and February
The attacks amounted to 377 attacks, compared to only 35 attacks during January and February of last year 2019.

Statistics published by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) today showed that the attacks varied between security flaws, phishing, fraud, scams and malware.

She noted that January witnessed 217 attacks, including 61 severe attacks and 152 medium attacks, and the rest are weak attacks, while last February witnessed 160 incidents, including 51 severe incidents and 104 medium attacks and the rest are weak attacks. The commission revealed that the National Computer Emergency Response Team succeeded in preventing about 52 thousand And 671 electronic attacks during the two months
It is noteworthy that two experts had previously told the UAE today that fraud, phishing and fraud operations are increasing in times of global crises, including the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging as Covid 19.