By calculation, the Democratic Party claims 13 trillion won and the United Party claims 25 trillion won. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, which is responsible for saving the country, was once in a negative position, but some pointed out that the government's initial payment plan was not elaborated, but was announced.

Reporter Hyung-Woo Jeon continues.


The government's proposal to subsidize 1 million won to the bottom 50% of the income was pushed by the ruling party's desire to expand the scope of benefits.

[Hong Nam-ki / Deputy Prime Minister (30th last month): 14 million households, the lowest 70% of income, were applied.]

However, there was confusion over how to select the bottom 70% of income.

Four days after the announcement, health insurance premiums were presented as a standard, but the issue of equity has sparked controversy.

This is because the salary cost is set based on earned income for office workers, but self-employed business owners are set to reflect their income and property such as real estate.

What's more, we couldn't suggest what criteria to exclude high-value assets, or what to remedy if income has plummeted recently.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of disaster relief funds, prompt execution is key, but since it is necessary to prepare standards, apply for and review, the criticism that it will become an emergency fund rather than an 'urgent' has grown.

Rather, voices have been growing that it is better to pay to the entire population and pay back taxes to high-income people.

[Hyun-Soo Choi / Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs: (Corona 19) Analyzing how much influence was received and who can fully recover (disaster assistance) in the process of filing a year-end settlement or general income tax next year There is.]

According to the changed Democratic Party's claim, it needs 13 trillion won, and the unified party's 25 trillion won.

An official from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance criticized the political claim that "one meal is important, but now it is more important to protect the bowl itself."

It is inadequate to spend a lot of money on one-off cash aid when there is a need for real shots to prepare for a bigger real-economy crisis.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, Video editing: Jang Hyun-ki)

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