China News Service, April 3, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance, recently, the central government has accelerated the allocation of the third phase of 7.5 billion yuan to the national financing guarantee fund, driving other shareholders to implement 9 billion yuan.

Up to now, the accumulative capital of the national financing guarantee fund is 49.6 billion yuan. All the capital in place will be used to support small and micro enterprise loan financing, and strive to add 400 billion yuan in new re-guarantee business in 2020, which is expected to increase by 62% year-on-year, driving the financing guarantee industry to expand its business scale; at the same time, accelerate equity investment and strive for 2020 Invest in 10 prefecture-level government financing guarantee institutions with obvious achievements in supporting small farmers, strengthen the institutional strength, and better play the role of capital amplification, guide local government financing guarantee institutions to accurately focus on supporting small farmers, and drive the financing guarantee industry to further reduce Guarantee and re-guarantee rates.

In the next step, the Ministry of Finance will earnestly implement policies, supervise the national financing guarantee funds to speed up investment operations, and guide government financing guarantee institutions at all levels to go all out to support the resumption of production.