Quarantine authorities have added smokers to the high-risk coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) group.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced today (4th) that the Corona 19 epidemic is expected to prolong the trend and to strengthen management of high-risk groups.

The existing high-risk corona19 group was pregnant women, adults over 65 years of age, people with diabetes or heart failure, chronic respiratory diseases, and cancer.

The manuscript recommends that you do not go to a place where many people are in high-risk groups, but inevitably wear a mask when visiting or going to a medical institution.

"As a result of reviewing the literature and recommendations from around the world, it was determined that smokers' lung function was likely to be deteriorated," said Kwon Joon-wook, vice-director of Bang Dae-bon, in a regular briefing held at the Osong Center for Disease Control in Chungbuk. The Prevention Center (CDC) also categorizes smokers as high-risk. ”

In addition, the scope of contact investigation of corona19 confirmed patients was expanded.

"The scope of the contactor's investigation was previously one day before symptoms occur, but through the revision of the relevant guidelines, it expanded to two days before symptoms occur," said Kwon.

In terms of the trends and outbreaks of Corona19 at home and abroad, Bang Dae-bon expects the current situation to continue for a considerable period of time.

Kwon said, “In Korea, cases of small group infections continue to be confirmed, mainly in the metropolitan area, and corona19 diagnoses are rapidly increasing in major countries overseas. "I think there is a possibility of prolonging this."