A Club Med site in Guilin, southwest China, August 12, 2016. - Kelvin Chan / AP / SIPA

The tourism sector is severely affected by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Thus, the Club Med group was forced to close all of its holiday clubs around the world. If the hour is not yet resumed, the CEO of the group wants to believe in a return to normal.

Invited to the set of BFM Business, Henri Giscard d'Estaing has thus announced the reopening of a first holiday club in China, a decision that will be effective next week. Four more reopenings are planned "by April / May". The leader even hopes to reopen other clubs "gradually in the world".

A "desire to relive"

In China, for the past few days, the lifting of restrictive measures has been carried out with the greatest caution. But the CEO of the Club Med group wants to be confident, convinced that the Chinese will want to travel after this long period of confinement.

"It is a recovery which is slow and which will probably be gradual in view of the health constraints which continue to exist, but the first signals show a desire to live again after a period of confinement which they have undergone", estimates Henri Giscard d ' Estaing.

Towards a return to local tourism?

Asked about the situation on the European market, the manager was just as optimistic. According to him, European tourism could resume colors this summer: "So what date and how, it's too early to say but I think that summer should be a first period with probably a tendency to travel a little less far at the start ”.

With 23,000 employees worldwide, the Club Med group claims to have entered this crisis with a "completely healthy financial situation". Its CEO recognizes, however, bluntly that he will not be able to remain “indefinitely stationary”.


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