• Covid-19 Rental Aids: The Gap Between Pablo Iglesias' Speech and the Paper Project

The Association of Homeowners for Rent (Asval) proposes to set up a public-private collaboration table with the aim of involving all parties involved in the rental to seek structural solutions and mitigate the effects of this situation on people affected by the coronavirus, as well as working together to lay the foundations for the recovery of the sector.

In a press release, this recently formed organization with the aim of promoting the development of the rental market in Spain has called for active collaboration between the Government and representatives of the sector in order to protect both tenants and to the owners, to give stability and promote the development of the rental market.

Asval has defended that its associates are "committed to helping all those tenants in economic difficulties", as evidenced by the application by most professionals of measures and programs to help the most affected groups since the beginning of this crisis, to which now will be added the measures approved by the Council of Ministers.

"Asval associates and many private owners have anticipated the government's measures by applying different aid programs to the tenants most affected by Covid-19 since this crisis erupted," explained the association's general director, Beatriz Toribio .

These measures include studying facilities in the payment of rental income, possible postponements in the payment of income, as well as studying case by case the situation of those affected by the impact caused by the coronavirus, in order to find solutions appropriate to the current situation.

On the other hand, Asval underlines that the measures contemplated in the royal decree approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers may generate uncertainty in its application due to the wide casuistry it contemplates. For this reason, its associates appeal that the public-private collaboration table is the best forum to clarify its proper implementation.

The members of the Association of Home Owners for Rent are private owners and the companies Aedas Homes, Albirana Properties, Ares, La Llave de Oro, Tectum and Testa Home . As a whole, Asval associates have nearly 30,000 rental homes scattered throughout Spain or under construction.

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