(Countering New Crown Pneumonia) Economic War "Epidemics" Record: Chinese Ventilator "Aids" Global Large-scale "Going Global" Has Three Challenges

China News Service, Beijing, April 1 (Xia Bin) Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in early February, the production capacity of Beijing Yihe Jiaye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BMC Jiehe Jiaye") was one day About 200 to 300 units have been upgraded to about 1,200 units a day, but they are still out of stock.

"All of our production line workers are now back to work, producing during the day and night, and not resting on weekends. Non-production personnel are supporting production work. But even so, every day the ventilator is pulled from the production line by the international freight forwarder Gone, "said Jiang Dong, marketing manager of BMC Jardine Kaye. According to his estimates, currently about 98% of the ventilators produced by BMC Jardine Jiaye are exported overseas.

When China took the lead in initially controlling the spread of the new crown epidemic and started the mass production of medical devices earlier, as the epidemic overseas became more severe, there was a “reversal” of demand for ventilator at home and abroad. .

Jiang Dong revealed: "We now have 30 to 40 people in the entire international sales team. Recently, there have been hundreds of inquiries about ventilator exports overseas." At the same time, BMC Jardine Jiaye is in cross-border electricity supply. Alibaba AliExpress on the e-commerce platform also has a relatively considerable export volume: Recently, it will sell dozens of ventilators on Aliexpress every day.

As of now, BMC Jardine Jiaye has issued anti-epidemic products to more than 30 countries, including nearly 20,000 ventilators and nearly 100,000 face masks. The products have been shipped to Italy, the United States and other countries with severe epidemics.

Yuyue Medical's current ventilator order has been scheduled to the end of April, and its daily production capacity has increased from 300 before the epidemic to more than 700; Mindray Medical has also received overseas orders for tens of thousands of ventilator.

On the whole, it is not easy for the Chinese ventilator to support the world. Jiang Dong bluntly said: "Products such as ventilators are complex in technology and require high reliability of components. Unlike masks, protective clothing, ear thermometers and other products, they can quickly organize production lines. For non-professional manufacturers who want to cross-border It is unrealistic to meet the urgent needs of the market in one step, and there are huge risks. "

At this stage, China's ventilator will face a triple challenge to "go out to sea" on a large scale.

The first is the supply of parts. Jiang Dong said that there are hundreds of components for non-invasive ventilators, more for invasive ventilators, and the supply chain of the ventilator is more complicated. Take the ventilator produced by BMC Jardine as an example, its product supply chain There are dozens of companies on it that need to work together.

Some people in the industry pointed out that many key parts suppliers of ventilators are abroad. At this time, due to the epidemic situation, the shortage of overseas parts and components will affect the increase in the production capacity of the ventilator. Some companies began to find new suppliers in China. Relevant government departments also coordinated to solve the problem of parts supply.

The second is domestic and foreign qualifications. Chinese officials have announced that since April 1, enterprises that export new coronavirus detection reagents, medical masks, medical protective clothing, ventilator, infrared thermometers must provide written or electronic declarations when they declare to the customs, promising to export products Obtained the Chinese medical device product registration certificate, which complies with the quality standards of the importing country (region).

Third, logistics costs are high. The epidemic has spread globally, international logistics has been hit, and logistics costs have risen. Cross-border digital marketing agency Feishu Shennuo Group's latest "China Cross-border E-commerce War" Outbreak "Guide" report pointed out that with the outbreak of overseas epidemics, some foreign airlines have extended the time to ground flights to and from China. As Europe has become a severely affected area, flights to and from other regions, as well as flights between European countries, have also been severely curtailed.

According to the report, according to incomplete statistics, the capacity of the international aviation market decreased by more than 60% from February to March. The capacity of the belly cabin of passenger planes has dropped sharply, resulting in an increase in the length of air freight and a continuous rise in prices.

Although China ’s ventilator is facing large-scale “going to sea” challenges, Jiang Dong said, “We are now operating at full capacity. According to the development trend of the international epidemic situation, we have basically not considered the production but not the sale.” (End )