Supervision helps Beijing listed companies resume production and press "Fast Forward"

Our reporter Xiang Yantao

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau has steadily promoted the smooth and orderly resumption of production of listed companies in its jurisdiction. "Securities Daily" reporter learned from the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau that as of March 24, there were 350 listed companies in Beijing, including 173 main board companies, 54 small and medium-sized board companies, 106 GEM companies, and 17 science and technology board companies. . At present, all listed companies in the jurisdiction have resumed work in an orderly manner, of which approximately 50% have been fully resumed.

In addition, in the fight against the epidemic, listed companies in Beijing have donated more than 1.2 billion yuan. Many companies such as China Construction, China Railway Construction, China Railway Group, Sany Heavy Industry, High Energy Environment, Beijing New Building Materials, and Minmetals Development have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the construction of Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospital in the first time, and actively fulfilled their social responsibilities.

Cross-border production of epidemic prevention products by central enterprises

Pharmaceutical companies accelerate scientific research

Listed companies in the Beijing area have the characteristics of many large state-owned enterprises, a wide range of industries, and high market attention. In the fight against the epidemic, listed companies in the area took the initiative to play an active role in combating the "epidemic" and resumed work, playing a leading role.

"I have a meltblown cloth. Who has a mask machine?" On February 6, a message from Sinopec for help opened the curtain of cross-border production of masks by central enterprises. Since the outbreak, materials such as masks have been in short supply. Sinopec has leveraged its own raw material advantages to dock with partners to complete 11 mask production lines. PetroChina started a self-built mask production line project on February 6. The first batch of 6 production lines was put into operation in 22 days. CNOOC's listed company, CNOOC Development, invested in the construction of a mask production line in Dianjiang County, Chongqing City to provide protection for the supply of materials for epidemic prevention and control in severely affected areas.

Listed companies such as Jihua Group and Jingwei Textile Machinery under Beijing's jurisdiction also actively mobilized subsidiaries to explore trial production and conversion of protective materials. After the epidemic, Jihua Group launched an emergency plan for the production of protective clothing, organized clothing, textile, and equipment companies to quickly gather, mobilize deployment, and began work related to preparation for production.

Since the outbreak, biomedical listed companies in Beijing have made great efforts to advance the scientific research of effective drugs for new crown pneumonia, and resumed production and production in order to ensure the supply.

As the strategic reserve and procurement unit for therapeutic drugs and medical protective materials designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, Sinopharm has been listed as one of the epidemic prevention and control drugs. Preparations for the resumption of production will increase horsepower to resume production and ensure market supply.

Science and technology board listed company Kingview Bio has now completed 13 new coronavirus-related detection kits including immunological and nucleic acid methodologies, research and development and clinical validation. "No salary reduction or layoffs", the relevant person in charge told the reporter of the Securities Daily that the company will organize the research and development department to quickly develop new crown pneumonia reagents and speed up registration applications. Other research and development departments will carry out project development in accordance with the original plan. pause.

Financial Power + Cloud Office

Helping enterprises resume work and production

The five major state-owned banks are brought together in the Beijing area. To support small and micro enterprises to survive the epidemic, listed banks in the area have launched special financial products that support the resumption of work and production, simplifying the approval process and accelerating the speed of lending. Financing protection.

China Construction Bank implemented differentiated credit policies, increased credit and non-credit support, and focused on ensuring the production and operation of key enterprises such as railways, civil aviation, power, and energy. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China implemented the "Spring Run", focusing on supporting the seven key areas of the "five medical fields", life and material security, transportation and logistics, equipment manufacturing, energy and chemical industry, telecommunications operations, and foreign investment. The Bank of China has stepped up funding support for key national and local outbreak prevention and control enterprises. The Agricultural Bank focused on supporting small and micro enterprises related to the "rice bag" and "vegetable basket" projects, and strengthened credit support to small and micro enterprises in the production, distribution and supply of main and non-staple food. Postal Savings Bank has precisely matched the financing needs of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and small and micro enterprise customers.

The epidemic has given rise to the demand for "cloud office" in all walks of life, and the technology Internet companies in Beijing's jurisdiction have exerted their business advantages one after another. Companies such as Kingsoft Office and True Vision provide products such as cloud office, online virtual meeting room and two-way video communication system to help enterprises work remotely. Entrepreneurial dark horses, Jebsen shares, blue cursors, and other companies have launched online courses and services to fully protect the "non-stop classes" during the epidemic.

Winter has gone and spring has come. With the help of supervision and concerted efforts, listed companies in Beijing are pressing the “accelerator” for resumption of production with a new look. (Securities Daily)