Lootah BC Gas Company, a company of the "S. Lootah" International Group working in the field of designing, building and managing natural gas networks in the UAE, has announced the launch of a support program worth 15 million dirhams, directed to all customers of gas delivery services to homes and commercial establishments In the country, according to a statement issued by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry yesterday.

The group’s CEO, Eng. Yahya Lootah, said that the announcement of the program came as part of joint efforts with strategic partners from major real estate developers, in cooperation with the Dubai Chamber’s initiative, to stimulate the private sector’s contribution as a true partner in supporting government actions, to prevent any negative repercussions of a virus Corona on various economic sectors.

For his part, the Director General of the Dubai Chamber, Hamad Buamim, said that the Lootah BC Gas initiative comes at a time and reflects a high sense of responsibility, indicating that the private sector is a partner in facing challenges, as his efforts and initiatives complement the effective governmental measures To counter the spread of Corona.

Bouamim called on the private sector to continue this approach, because solidarity and cooperation are the title of the next stage to overcome challenges.

The Lootah BC Gas support program aims to mitigate the effects of the challenges arising from the temporary preventive measures that are applied to protect public health. The program includes a package of exemptions and direct financial facilities, which benefit more than 50 thousand families, and about 500 commercial establishments, most of which work in the tourism sector, such as hotels and restaurants. The financial facilities package includes payment facilities and discounts of up to 20% of the cost of natural gas consumption.

Payment facilities and discounts of up to 20% of the cost of gas consumption.

The Dubai Chamber confirmed that cooperation is the title of the next stage to overcome challenges.