Hubei Tourism Scenic Area "Hot Start" Online and Offline Joint Efforts to Seek Breakthrough

Tourists playing in Gulongzhong Scenic Area

Our reporter Li Wanchenxi

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in the past two months, the operation of a large number of scenic spots across the country has been restricted or even "closed." With the current domestic epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improving, recently, various scenic spots have begun to resume work in an orderly manner.

According to incomplete statistics from the reporter of the Securities Daily, as of March 28, Hubei Province had a total of 421 A-level scenic spots, which accounted for more than a quarter of the reopening. Among them, there are 5 5A-level scenic spots, namely Xiangyang Gulongzhong Scenic Area, Yichang Three Gorges People Scenic Area, Zigui Quyuan Hometown Scenic Area, Changyang Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, and Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area. On March 28, a reporter from the Securities Daily visited Changyang Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Spot and conducted multiple interviews to understand the status of resumed work in the scenic spot.

Code Scanning Entry

Increased passenger flow

On March 22, the Department of Tourism and Culture of Hubei Province issued guidance on the orderly restoration of the tourist attractions in Hubei Province in order to resume operations in an orderly manner, insisting on zoning, classification, and division of time, and implementing differentiated opening and conditional resumption of production.

On March 23, Changyang Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Resort, a national 5A-level scenic spot under E-Travel Investment, was reopened, and many batches of tourists entered the park on the day of opening. On March 28, a reporter from the Securities Daily went to the Changjiang Qingjiang Gallery scenic area for a field visit and found that tourists need to scan the code to buy tickets. At the scenic temperature detection registration office, use WeChat to scan the QR code to show the health code and perform a temperature test. 2. Fill in the registration form before entering the park.

The reporter noticed that despite the light rain on the day, tourists still entered the area. "Staying at home for two months, the air here is fresh, bringing family members to relax, and the fares are also discounted." A local tourist told the Securities Daily reporter.

The relevant person in charge of Changjiang Qingjiang Gallery told the Securities Daily reporter: "Since the opening of the park, it has been mainly dominated by individual visitors and local tourists. At the beginning, the number was not large, but it was increasing every day."

On March 20, the national 5A-level scenic spot Xiangyang Gulong Middle Scenic Area officially resumed opening. As of March 28, Gulong Scenic Area received nearly 5,000 tourists. The reporter learned that both Qingjiang Gallery and Gulongzhong Scenic Area belong to the E Tourism Investment Group. The relevant person in charge of the group stated: "According to the principle of territorial management, the scenic areas under E Tourism Investment are gradually opening up, and the construction of key projects in the scenic area is also resumed in an orderly manner. "As of March 28, 15 scenic spots under E-Travel Investment have resumed operations, and more than 30 projects under its 13 subsidiaries have resumed construction, including Enshi Grand Canyon Phase II, Huangmei Dongshan Town Phase II, and Xiangyang Long Cultivated Reading Town, Suizhou Yujing Nanshan, Xianning Baishuiyu, E-travel Cable Car, etc.

The reporter learned that many of the scenic spots that have been opened are mainly large-sized spaces, open blocks, and natural scenic spots. On the one hand, major scenic spots have set up leading groups for epidemic prevention and control, formulated "special plans for epidemic prevention and control" and "preventive plans for epidemic prevention and control," and comprehensively deployed the normalized epidemic prevention work in the scenic spots and the tracking of employees' health conditions, and closed the park. During the period, reserve epidemic prevention materials in advance and continue to carry out online epidemic prevention training. On the other hand, after the park is opened, tourists use contactless online tickets to purchase tickets, enter the park with their identity verification, they must wear masks and undergo body temperature tests. The scenic spot will regularly kill the tourist areas, public facilities, transportation, etc. Keep your tour safe.

Promotion + Cloud Planting

Breakthrough in adversity

Faced with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many domestic tourism industry chain-related companies have sought ways to break through. From online "planting grass" to interactive live broadcast, it has become a new attempt of the tourism industry during the epidemic prevention period.

The reporter learned that some scenic spots in Hubei Province had already started all-round online promotion and marketing before the resumption of the park. Through cloud tourism, short videos, and slow live broadcasts, they promoted and promoted all-round interaction with tourists to enhance the brand of the project. Exposure.

As the only A-share cultural tourism listed company in Hubei, Sante Ropeway has launched marketing preparations since the beginning of February. All its projects have begun pre-sale. The pre-sale and discount of the project can be seen through the OTA platforms and scenic public accounts. Events and more. The company combines explosive products in advance, refines the selling points, and works closely with online platforms and channels to formulate corresponding marketing plans and various preferential policies in order to quickly detonate tourists' travel needs.

Specifically, on March 19, the Chunqiuzhai Scenic Spot in Nanzhang, Hubei officially resumed business. The scenic spot became the first full-scale resumption project among the five major scenic spots in Hubei within the three-special cableway. The park opened on the 20th, and the number of tourists received increased. On March 15th, East Lake Ocean Park, a subsidiary of Sante Ropeway, opened a live broadcast of the "Bird Travel World" on a live broadcast and Douyin platform, with over 1.08 million viewers and 1.09 million views. like. On March 28th, the live broadcast of “Wu Yun in the Spring Light” entered the East Lake Ocean Park. According to incomplete statistics, as of 15:00 on the day, a total of 7.26 million person-times were watched, creating a “Wu Yun in the Spring Light” live event. new record.

"Although it was not possible to carry out business activities before, we hope to promote the scenic area through 'cloud tourism', coupled with preferential promotions, to lay a solid foundation for the arrival of tourists after the epidemic, and promote the rapid recovery of the tourism industry." Sante Ropeway President Zhang Quan said.

Before the opening of the Xiangyang Gulong Middle Scenic Area, several live broadcast activities were carried out on Weibo and other platforms. The data showed that up to 48,000 people participated in watching the "Understanding Millennium Zhuge Liang" activity, attracting a large number of fans for the official account, and further Turn it into a potential consumer group.

After opening the park, Xiangyang Gulong Central Scenic Area sends daily theme videos and flower viewing on the new media App platforms such as today's headlines, Netease News, Tongcheng Circle, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Ctrip, Douyin, Pippi Shrimp, and Watermelon Video. The series of products are promoted with graphics, and dozens of articles are released every day. "We will continue to promote the various marketing efforts of the scenic spot, and at the same time, Gulongzhong Scenic Spot will implement a one-dollar ticket policy from March 20 to April 30 (including April 30)." People said.

Traffic recovery is good for tourism recovery

Full recovery will take time

According to the person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Department of Transportation, March 25, Hubei Province's cities and counties' disease risk assessments were updated, and Wuhan's urban area was reduced to medium risk. The day before, the Hubei Provincial New Coronavirus Infectious Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice, starting at 00:00 on March 25, the area outside Wuhan was deregulated from the Hubei channel; from 00:00 on April 8, Wuhan City was lifted from Han Li'e channel management measures. According to news from Hubei Airport Group, several airports in Hubei Province have gradually resumed operations since March 29.

The lifting of a series of traffic control measures will benefit the recovery of the tourism industry, but the overall recovery will take time. Tourism is a major area for actively expanding domestic demand, a key industry for service quality improvement and capacity expansion, and also a key link to promote consumption recovery, potential release and stable employment. The epidemic has had the most direct and severe impact on the tourism industry, with large-scale suspension of business and severe cash flow challenges.

He Yanqing, chief analyst of CITIC Construction Investment's social service industry, said that since late February, the domestic epidemic control has gradually improved, and most tourism companies have resumed work. The return to work time is more in line with expectations. At the same time, the country has some policies to revitalize tourism consumption. With reference to the current spread of the global epidemic, tourism activities in overseas markets have decreased, and the duration of the impact cannot be estimated. In the future, the development focus of China's tourism industry will focus on the domestic market.

"Spring is a tourist season. Although the scenic area is operating in an orderly manner, but because the passenger flow is lower than in the past, there are no tourists to watch the empty beauty, the operating cost is high, and the income is not enough. The recovery period must be 'tighten the belt' to live." Relevant sources said.

More people in the industry have called for the introduction of special government funds and special aid funds for the cultural tourism industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, including job stabilization funds, relief funds, epidemic prevention subsidies and other special subsidy funds to increase funding income channels; The short-term loans are supported by fiscal subsidies, reduced loan interest rates, increased medium- and long-term loans, and deferred repayment loans; subsidies or reductions are also provided for costs such as social security, rents, and employee salaries.

He Yanqing said that the overall impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry is relatively large, mainly affecting or concentrated during the year. At present, domestic tourism and consumption-related support policies need to be implemented as soon as possible, and follow-up policies still need to be followed. All tourism enterprises should go hand in hand to make full use of the advantages of collaborative empowerment in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to achieve industrial linkage. From the point of view of the entire industry, after the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, a recovery period of about 1 quarter to 2 quarters is still needed to restore operations to pre-epidemic levels. (Securities Daily)