Sharjah Central Finance Department announced that, in line with the directives of the Sharjah government to activate the remote work system, it achieved 100% of its human cadres through the remote work system, without any delay or delay in the progress of the department’s work or the fulfillment of requests from government agencies.

The Central Finance Department of Sharjah has long established its capabilities for the ability to work remotely by developing the technical infrastructure that it has established and has been constantly updating.

Walid Al Sayegh, Director General of Sharjah's Central Finance Department said, "Although all of our employees are currently working remotely in light of the consequences of the Corona virus, all financial transactions and procedures are done regularly, as our system serves approximately 100 associated government agencies." With a comprehensive financial system, we will continue our efforts to enhance the leadership of the government financial sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. "

The department provides the comprehensive digital “collectible” platform for the government revenue system, and provides new and innovative ways to pay transaction fees and services to the government of Sharjah and meet the special needs of the Central Finance Department in Sharjah and its partners from government agencies.

The Central Finance Department works on managing, developing and providing cash liquidity, developing a system of performance balance, implementing integrated financial policies, enabling smart transformation, in addition to strengthening the internal control system, enabling citizenship human resources, developing a culture of innovation and managing institutional performance.