“We will also make efforts to focus our efforts and cut bones to overcome the crisis in the Corona 19 crisis,” said Han Won-group, chairman of the Hanjin Group, who won the first round of the management dispute in Hanjin Group.

"Corona 19 will soon end and we will overcome," said Chairman Cho. "The trust that the people and shareholders have sent through this general meeting of Hanjin Cal is an opportunity to overcome this crisis. I will keep it in mind. ”

Chairman Cho succeeded in reappointing the executive director in favor of the majority of shareholders present (56.67%) at the general shareholders' meeting held on the 27th.

Despite the offensive of the 'third party coalition' consisting of former vice president of Korean Air Cho Hyun-ah, activist private equity fund KCGI, and Peninsula Construction, a serious challenge lies in overcoming the Corona 19 crisis in front of Joe who succeeded in defending management.

The aviation industry was faced with a deadly crisis, with most of the flights being struck by a direct hit in the aftermath of the Corona19.

The reason for the analysis is that Chairman Cho's success in the general meeting was because shareholders chose to support the current management during the Corona 19 crisis.

"Currently, the world is suffering a lot from the Corona 19 crisis," said Cho. "Especially, the aviation industry is faced with a great crisis that has never been experienced. In the case of Korean Air, more than 90% of aircraft are serious enough to not fly. Situation. "

Already, Korean Air has decided to return 50% of monthly salary, 40% for executives, and 30% for executives, until next month, until business conditions normalize.

(Photo = Hanjin Group, Yonhap News)