Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), one of the subsidiaries of the Holding Company (ADQ), announced its cooperation with the competent health authorities in the United Kingdom to transform the Excel London Exhibition and Convention Center, which is wholly owned by ADNEC. British capital, to a temporary field hospital to fight the Corona virus (Covid 19).

"ADNEC" expressed its sympathy to the injured from all over the world, stressing the importance of the need for everyone to play a role in supporting national and international efforts by working with government authorities to confront the spread of the global epidemic "Covid-19" and protect the lives of citizens.

She confirmed her confidence in the ability of UK medical teams to overcome the challenges posed by this crisis.

According to Statement R today, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company worked with the management of the "Excel London" exhibition center, in full and full cooperation with the Health Services Authority in the United Kingdom, and all relevant official bodies, with the aim of providing all the capabilities available in the center to facilitate the tasks of the medical work teams, and work To provide technical and logistical support teams to sustain the work of the center’s facilities according to the highest international specifications and standards.

This cooperation falls according to the "ADNEC" strategy that aims to support all national and international initiatives that will reduce the effects of the new coronavirus "COFED-19" by providing all the capabilities, facilities and infrastructure available to the competent authorities at the local and international levels.

With this, ADNEC strengthened its role in the anti-virus programs (Covid 19), appreciating the efforts made by technical, medical and security teams at the local and international levels, and able to overcome the current challenges experienced by all countries of the world, wishing everyone safety.

In this context, the field hospital "NHS Nightgale" will be located in the "Excel Exhibition Center", which will provide an area of ​​facilities around 4000 beds to receive patients, and enable the specialized medical teams to provide a comprehensive package of medical support services for those infected with the Corona virus, who will be distributed to In two parts, each has a capacity of two thousand people.

It is expected that "NHS Nightgate" will receive patients from next week, and it will be used to provide care for people with severe symptoms of "Corona" virus, as coordination between "ADNEC" and "Excel London" with the British authorities concerned to ensure the launch of operations of this medical facility Smoothly, along with providing all necessary support to facilitate patient care.

It is noteworthy that "Excel London", which is located in the "London Docklands" area in the British capital, can accommodate about 70,000 people, as it was acquired by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company to be added to its portfolio from international exhibition centers that include the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and Al Ain Convention Center in the UAE.