(Combating new crown pneumonia) Sichuan has taken many measures to combat poverty and help alleviate poverty alleviation products since the Spring Festival

China News Network, Chengdu, March 27th (Yue Yitong Danpeng) A reporter learned from the 20th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Sichuan Province on the 27th. Since the Spring Festival, Sichuan has paid close attention to the production and marketing of poverty alleviation products and helped sell poverty alleviation. The products are nearly 360 million yuan; actively support the poverty alleviation industry. So far, the company has applied for a total of more than 50 million yuan in extension of microcredit and more than 1700 households, with more than 10,000 new loans and an amount of 340 million yuan.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Sichuan Provincial Government, Director of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Tackling Office and Director of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau introduced that the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on poverty alleviation in Sichuan mainly includes helping cadres not being able to contact the people face to face and not entering the village and entering the household. Carry out work; for a period of time after the Spring Festival, it is more difficult for the poor to go out to find employment; a few agricultural products sales are affected, but the impact is not significant. "As of now, the impact of the epidemic on poverty alleviation work in our province is controllable and has brought some difficulties, but we can overcome them through our efforts."

Jiang Chu said that in response to the above-mentioned problems, Sichuan has adopted a number of targeted measures. Through the implementation of the “Spring Breeze Action” for migrant workers to return to work, and the organization of “point-to-point” direct transportation services, priority is given to supporting poor laborers to get employment as soon as possible.

In addition, Sichuan has accelerated the resumption of construction of poverty alleviation projects. Jiang Chu said that although there are not many poor people in Sichuan, they are mainly concentrated in deep poverty areas. "The reason these areas have not exited poverty is because housing, drinking water, and village roads, health rooms, cultural rooms and other engineering projects have not yet been completed, so we accelerated the start of the poverty alleviation project."

Jiang Chu introduced that Sichuan's village cadres have been fully in position. As of March 19, 15,133 village work teams in the province have all arrived; 58,600 village cadres at all levels (including the first secretary of the village) have already employed 57,900 people, with an employment rate of 98.8%. The assistance work progressed in a solid and orderly manner.

"We are determined to fully complete the construction of all housing and drinking water safety in Liangshan Prefecture, especially by the end of June." Speaking of the poverty alleviation work in Sichuan this year, Jiang Chu said that in the next step, Sichuan will fight deep poverty. The "annihilation war", problem rectification, "assault war", consolidating the results of "protracted war", summarizing and propagating "position war", and relatively poor "breaking war". (Finish)