[Explanation] On March 25, 8 large trucks full of "Hubei" fruits and vegetables and non-staple food arrived at Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangnan Market"), and nearly 200 tons of Hubei agricultural and sideline products will enter Guangzhou Millions of households.

[Explanation] It is understood that Jiangnan Market is one of the largest wholesale markets for fruit and vegetables in the country and even in Southeast Asia. It is located in Songzhou Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. According to the relevant person in charge of the Subdistrict Office, at this time in the past years, merchants in major agricultural and sideline food wholesale markets within the jurisdiction mainly purchased large quantities of seasonal vegetables and non-staple food such as lotus root and lettuce from Hubei Suizhou, Jingzhou and other places for sale. This year, affected by the epidemic, The purchase volume of seasonal vegetables has plummeted, and a large number of fresh vegetables are seriously unsalable. Therefore, large-scale centralized procurement has been organized to help alleviate the problem of Hubei vegetables and fruits.

[Concurrent] Ding Jiaxi, Deputy Director of Songzhou Street Organization Office, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Before we carried out this activity, we visited and investigated these merchants in Hubei in the early stage, and learned that those products were indeed slow-selling locally, and from the beginning of the epidemic to now, many of these products have not been shipped or can't be shipped. Even a lot of Hubei products have been forced to "hide incognito." Through this activity, we urged everyone to face up and treat them well to help our agricultural and sideline products in Hubei.

[Explanation] On the same day, Fan Hongbo from Xiaogan, Hubei, came to the Jiangnan Market in a large truck loaded with lotus roots. He told reporters that farmers in Hubei had lost a lot due to the epidemic, and this event opened up sales for them.

[Same Period] Fan Hongbo, Jiangnan Market Wholesaler

This (event) helped a lot, because at least the market was opened and the words received by Jiangnan Market.

[Explanation] On March 16, Guangzhou Baiyun District took the lead in recognizing the "Hubei Health Code" in the city, and Chen Wenliang from Zhijiang City, Hubei also returned to the Jiangnan market to resume work. Today, he welcomes the fresh lettuce that he purchased from Hubei.

[Same Period] Chen Wenliang, Wholesaler in Jiangnan Market

We have come to Jiangnan Market for three or four days. After that, the Baiyun District Government did not ask us to be isolated because we all came through the Hubei Health Code. This proves that we are isolated at home. In the case of dishes, all of them were unsalable at home some time ago. Now in the market, those goods from Hubei and Hubei, including those from Hubei, will definitely help a lot.

[Explanation] As the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased results, various regions in Hubei have gradually been unblocked. Lai Yongjin, deputy general manager of Jiangnan Market, said that he will continue to mobilize more merchants to join in and open up sales channels for slow-selling agricultural products.

[Same Period] Lai Yongjin, Deputy General Manager of Jiangnan Market

In previous years, Hubei's agricultural products accounted for about 10% of our market. At present, it may only be 1% to 2%. Gradually, gradually, now our merchants have begun to reach the base, and actively organize the supply of goods over there, and slowly will fully return to normal.

[Explanation] It is reported that in addition to the Jiangnan market, local streets have also joined Hubei ’s distribution of slow-growing agricultural and sideline products. The reporter saw on the spot that the batch of fresh seasonal vegetables from Hubei that day had also been placed in the Songzhou Street Party and Mass Service Center in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. In the lobby, many residents nearby came to line up to buy.

[Concurrent] Ding Jiaxi, Deputy Director of Songzhou Street Organization Office, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Now our party and mass service center on Songzhou Street, they say that it has transformed into a vegetable market for agricultural and sideline products and fresh seasonal vegetables in Hubei. Starting from our street staff and citizens from our jurisdiction, everyone started buying these Hubei products online or offline.

(Reporter He Junjie Wang Jian reports from Guangzhou)

Editor-in-chief: [Li Yuxin]