CCTV News (News Broadcast): At present, a number of major projects in the fields of energy, transportation, science and technology, and power have been steadily advancing, showing economic vitality and conveying China's confidence.

Jingxiong Expressway is the "central axis" of the "four vertical and three horizontal" regional highway network in Xiong'an New District. It is the most convenient high-speed passageway connecting Beijing's urban area and Xiong'an New District. Step up production.

The Shenzhen-Zhonghua Corridor is a world-class super-large "bridge, island, tunnel, and underground interconnection" cluster project. At present, the first immersed pipe floating installation is undergoing the first outfitting operation. On the 20th, the world's first self-propelled immersed tube transport and installation integrated ship independently developed by China completed light load tests.

As of March 20, the resumption rate of 88,5% of the 966 highway and waterway continuing projects with a planned total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. The resume rate of civil aviation's 30 key airport construction projects was 86.6%.

In terms of railway construction, except for some temporary resumption conditions due to climatic reasons, all 111 other projects under construction have been resumed, and Beijing-Shenzhen high-speed rail, Jingxiong intercity, and China-Laos railways are stepping up construction.

In addition to transportation infrastructure, a number of national key science and technology projects are also pressing the fast forward button. In Dongying, Shandong, 102 C919 large passenger planes have just completed their flight thrusts and confirmed the test flight.

A new generation of 10,000-meter manned submersibles independently researched and developed by China is currently being assembled in Wuxi and undergoing pool experiments.

At the construction site of China's energy aorta-China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline project, the builders reduced the risk of epidemic prevention through digital cloud platforms and improved the overall efficiency of construction and construction by 12%. At the construction site of Wudongde Hydropower Station, a major clean energy project, and at the Lianyungang Petrochemical Industrial Base, a coastal petrochemical industrial base, major projects in the energy field are also stepping up.

In 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a key supporting grid project. The world ’s first four-terminal renewable energy flexible DC grid demonstration project is under active debugging. %clean energy. In Suzhou, Jiangsu, an important hub substation of 1000 kV Huainan to Shanghai UHV channel via Nanjing is being expanded.

The National Development and Reform Commission stated that the next step will be to accelerate the construction of major projects and infrastructure that have been identified in the national plan, and to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers.