In order to prevent the introduction of Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 (Corona19), the quarantine of immigrants from Europe will be strengthened from the 22nd, and the government plans to operate temporary living facilities in the size of 1,000 rooms.

On the 21st, the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters (Major Capital) explained the preparations for strengthening quarantine, and said, "We are preparing thoroughly for each phase of entry so that an average of 1,000 facilities can be quarantined and diagnosed daily."

The government has decided to strengthen the quarantine process by increasing the number of corona19 diagnoses across Europe, including Italy and Spain, by making diagnostic tests for all immigrants from Europe starting at 00:00 on the 22nd.

Accordingly, domestic and foreigners with symptoms during the immigration process will be waiting for diagnosis at the Incheon Airport Central Quarantine Medical Support Center (50 rooms), Gyeongjeong Training Center (67 rooms), and Incheon Aura Hotel (72 rooms).

Immigration-free immigrants will stay in temporary living facilities for about 24 hours and will be transported to a hospital or living treatment center as soon as the results are obtained or self-isolation for 14 days.

Tae-ho Yoon, head of the Center for Prevention and Prevention of Central Accident Remediation Headquarters (Ministry of Public Health and Policy, Ministry of Health and Welfare) said at a briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex, "Incheon SK Mo Training Center, Gyeonggi KORAIL Talent Development Center will operate approximately 1,000 rooms." Said.

In the temporary living facility, there will be approximately 220 medical personnel including 20 public health doctors, 20 nurses, and 12 clinical pathologists, as well as 220 volunteers dispatched from each local government.

The company said that it would plan to place enough necessary items such as diagnostic tests, personal protective equipment, and household items.

"We are planning to transfer the treatment to a nearby hospital or living treatment center designated according to the severity classification, even if a diagnosis test confirms the result," said Yoon, the general manager of the defense division.

The government emphasized that even if it had a negative judgment on the diagnostic test, it would maintain thorough management.

Even domestic and foreign residents residing in Korea for a long period of time will be monitored (observed) twice a day by dedicated government officials, even if the diagnostic test confirms the negative result, the local government will manage it as a self-isolation for 14 days.

In particular, in the case of violating self-isolation obligations, regardless of whether the person is a foreigner or a foreigner, a fine of up to 3 million won will be imposed in accordance with the related laws, and it is also excluded from support for living expenses.

"We will try to minimize as many discomforts as possible (in the case of quarantine) in the quarantine process, such as adding more human resources," said Yoon, the general manager of the defense division.

As Corona19 spreads across Europe, the number of confirmed people is gradually increasing among those who have entered Korea from Europe.

According to the government, nine of the immigrants from Europe were confirmed on the 17th only, and there have been confirmed by 1 on the 18th and 6 on the 19th.

On the 22nd, a total of 8,512 people will enter the country by air.

Of these, there are 3 passenger flights from Europe, and the government expects about 1,000 to enter.