Huawei to sell in Japan 5G smartphone Focusing on increasing competition March 17 9:14


Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment giant, will sell smartphones in Japan that support the next generation communication standard 5G, and it will be interesting to see how much competition among manufacturers will increase.

Huawei sells a smartphone with a screen size of about 6.5 inches and a 5G-compatible smartphone that employs an organic EL display. The camera is equipped with four cameras on the outside of the terminal, and various photos such as telephoto and slow motion are available. And videos can be taken.

In addition, a sensor that reads the movements of human hands is installed inside, so that operations such as scrolling websites can be performed without touching the screen.

On the other hand, Google apps are not available due to the US government's ban on Huawei dealings in the U.S.-China conflict.

The price is 128,800 yen excluding tax, and it will be sold from the end of this month as a "SIM-free" terminal for users to select a communication company.

Three major mobile companies are planning to launch 5G services from this month, and Sharp, Sony and LG Electronics of South Korea have decided to introduce terminals.

As Huawei, which has strength in 5G technology, enters the Japanese market, it will be noticed how much competition among manufacturers will increase.