A web conferencing system that stops regular interviews during recruiting activities Hitachi, Ltd. March 6 17:47

While the spread of the new coronavirus has caused a series of corporate briefings to be discontinued one after another, affecting job hunting for students, Hitachi is conducting recruitment activities using a web conferencing system.

Hitachi has decided to discontinue regular interviews and other activities during this recruitment activity and to respond via the Internet.

As part of the recruitment activities, a meeting was held on the 6th at the head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo to provide student consultation.

Five people, including students living in the Kansai region, participated on the website, asked questions about the human resources required by the company one after another, and listened seriously to the HR representative.

One of the female students interviewed over the monitor said, "I'm worried that my enthusiasm will be transmitted through the web, and I'm glad I'm face-to-face at the end." One of the male students said, "The web is more suitable for various companies. I can attend the briefing and feel the benefits. "

Mr. Keisuke Nakamura, chief of Hitachi's recruiting group, said, "I felt comfortable communicating through the screen and felt that I could continue to implement it in the future."

Job hunting for university students who will graduate next spring has begun in earnest this month, but there have been strong anxiety among students as joint briefings for companies have been canceled one after another. Is needed to ease anxiety.