Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda "Take Appropriate Responses as Needed" March 4 17:40

The Bank of Japan's governor, Kuroda, told the House of Councilors' Budget Committee on Tuesday that he should recognize that a prolonged outbreak of the new coronavirus could have a significant impact on the economy. He emphasized the willingness to take additional monetary easing, if any.

In this report, President Kuroda commented on the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus on the Japanese economy: `` Economic impacts have already been seen, including a drastic decrease in the number of visitors from China and self-restraint in Japan. "

"We thought that the downward pressure from the effects of the natural disaster last year would ease in the January to March period, and that recovery would be expected. However, if the spread of the new coronavirus is prolonged in the future, the impact may be greater. You need to be fully aware of their nature. "

He added, "We will closely monitor trends in financial markets and financial markets, and take appropriate measures as necessary." He emphasized his willingness to take additional monetary easing if necessary.