Rough exchange rate on March 2 18:23

In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 2nd, the yen appreciated in the morning at 1 dollar = 107 yen, rising to the level for the first time in about 5 months, but the Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda provided ample funds to the market Due to unusual discourse such as doing so, there was a movement to buy back dollars, and it returned to the mid-108 yen level, and it was a rough price movement.

At the dawn of the 2nd, the yen rose to just ¥ 107 / dollar for one time, the highest level since October last year.

Since then, the dollar has repurchased, and the yen price at 5:00 pm was 39 yen compared to last weekend, and the yen depreciated against the dollar at 108.44 yen to 45 yen.
The value of the euro against the euro was 30 yen compared to the previous weekend, and the yen depreciation against the euro was 1 euro = 119.97 yen to 120.01 yen.
The euro was one dollar = 1.1063 to $ 64 per dollar.

Market officials said, "If the BOJ's Governor Kuroda issued an unusual discourse and the stock price began to rise, there was a move to sell yen and buy dollars, temporarily returning to the mid-108 yen level per dollar. There are plans to release manufacturing-related indicators in the United States, and there is increasing interest in how the U.S. stock market, which collapsed last week, will move. "