After the epidemic, "food" favorite hot pot restaurant catering industry is expected to welcome "retaliatory consumption"

What is the first thing you want to do after the epidemic is over?

The long holidays and "closed" status inevitably inhibit everyone's "chop-hand" consumption. With the safe and orderly promotion of resumption of work and production in all walks of life, how will everyone's depressed purchasing power be released?

Hotpot stores "turn off"

Takeaway "heating up"

On Weibo, the topic of "the first thing after the epidemic" was read up to 410 million. Among them, the top post, "Eating Hot Pot", exceeded 201,000 just by liking it. It can be seen that after the epidemic, the catering industry may usher in a wave of "retaliatory consumption" opportunities, and "hot pot" has become a food that everyone misses.

Haidilao staff revealed to the reporter of Securities Daily that in order to continue to cooperate with the prevention and control work, although the stores in mainland China will be closed for a longer period of time, Haidilao's delivery business will be resumed in some cities in mainland China from February 15th. Business, some delivery stores in Beijing will resume operations from February 15; some delivery stores in Shanghai will resume operations from February 16; some delivery stores in Xi'an, Shenzhen, and Nanjing will resume operations from February 17; stores in other cities Will resume business one after another.

The reporter noticed that taking the Haidilao Hotpot Delivery (Wanliu) on the platform of Hungry as an example, the store is scheduled to open at 10 am, but often the interface displays "the shop is closed" before noon. Haidilao staff explained, "After so many days of 'retreat', consumers' desire for hot pot can no longer be restrained. In addition, Shanghai's Dilao stores cannot be opened normally. So as soon as the take-out service is opened or the business hours are up, consumers Quickly place orders. However, because some orders are concentrated and there are limited ingredients in some stores that have delivery services, if you cannot place an order or show that the store is closed, it means that the order has been saturated and no longer accepting orders. "

Xiabuxiabu, which is attractive to young people, was announced on the official website on February 21, and Xiabuxiabu stores nationwide will resume business from now on. However, Xiabu Xiabu insiders told the Securities Daily that Xiabu Xiabu started the Huimin project and has never stopped taking out food for consumers. You can directly order online through the "Xiabu Outbound Delivery" mini program, or third-party platforms such as Meituan, Hungry?

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Haidian District, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that she likes to eat hot pot hot pot and eat hot meals. She can only order takeaway now.

According to the "Analysis and Analysis Report on the Operation Status and Development Trend of China's Catering Industry During the 2020 New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Outbreak" released by the Chinese Cooking Association, during the epidemic period, 78% of catering companies lost more than 100% of their operating income, only within 7 days of the Spring Festival The epidemic has caused a loss of about 500 billion yuan to the retail sales of the catering industry. In order to reduce losses, catering companies are constantly exploring self-rescue paths and trying new measures. The gradual recovery of the delivery business is not only a supplement to the revenue of catering companies, but also an assistant for consumers' "revenge consumption".

Milk tea takeaway orders increase

Proving that the city is “recovering”

In addition to hot pot, milk tea is also a hot word in recent Weibo. For example, "I really want to drink tea with milk", "the last cup of tea with milk during this time" and other topics that contain the word milk tea have become hot searches. Some netizens even commented that "the increase in orders for milk tea and coffee is the best proof of a city's" recovery. "

In order to welcome the new wave of consumption brought by the resumption of work, Huo Wei, the director of public relations for Hi Tea Media, told the Securities Daily reporter that Hi Tea decided to open and close stores based on the prevention and control situation, local government requirements, and mall notifications. So far, about 400 stores have resumed work, more than 90% of the total number of stores. However, all stores have suspended or reduced dine-in services and promoted the service model of "online ordering + contactless delivery".

Huo Wei further introduced, "The nationwide WeChat 'Hi Tea GO' mini-program takeaway and Meituan takeaway both support contactless delivery. Users only need to guide the rider to place the product at the designated location through order remarks and phone notifications. In order to achieve no contact during the whole process. In addition, since February 9, Alipay's "Hi Tea GO" applet has also officially launched. Shenzhen is the first pilot city and is expected to be extended to more cities in March. "

However, as a hot drink, even if the contactless delivery "combination boxing" is played, some of the tea-loving stores will still encounter "explosive orders". Huo Wei gave a solution for Hi Tea, "When the order volume is large, the mini program or the Meituan platform will temporarily close the order according to the order production situation, and the number of deposited orders will be reduced, and the online order will be opened again. It also prevents consumers from waiting too long. "

Mr. Wang, a staff member of a magazine, put "retaliatory consumption" into action. He told reporters that he originally wanted to order hi tea for take-out on the US delegation, but could not place an order. After consulting the customer service on the phone, I learned that it was caused by an "explosive order", and you need to wait for another order. Later, he "switched" to Starbucks and ordered two large cups of latte for takeaway. "Although I can't finish drinking, it's been too long."

In addition, a little, tea brands such as COCO have launched contactless distribution services in order to increase revenue.

Advise consumers

Keep rational consumption

Regarding consumers' "retaliatory consumption" behavior, Ma Bin, an associate researcher at the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University, said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily that consumers ’normal consumption needs have been suppressed for quite a long time before, and" Retaliatory consumption.

Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at the Consumer Finance Research Center of Suning Financial Research Institute, hopes that consumers will establish the concept that "consumption is to meet the actual needs." In the process, you must have your own opinions, and try to avoid blindly following the trend and follow the trend, and prevent comparison with others. "

Fu Yifu also believes that, especially when choosing consumer financial products for consumption, consumers must "know oneself and the other." That is, before participating in consumer finance activities, you should carefully read the description of the corresponding product risk disclosure. At least you can understand the characteristics of Internet consumer credit products through the Internet path, try to obtain relevant industry analysis reports and public opinion information, and avoid the risk of fraud. Then, you need to carefully evaluate your economic situation, consider whether you can repay on time, and recognize the serious consequences of breach of contract. Once you enter the repayment cycle in the future, you should do a good job of capital allocation and expenditure planning, so as to ensure your own credit history without adding unnecessary trouble.

Steady growth in consumption must also guide consumers to rational consumption. Fu Yifu admits that this requires the joint efforts of all parties in society. The focus should be to increase publicity and education for consumers, help them to establish rational consumption concepts, and strengthen social supervision such as public opinion media, strengthen supervision of product quality and business operation behaviors of merchants, and guide businesses to regulate operations and promote integrity. Consumer protection laws and other legal norms protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. (Securities Daily)

Our reporter trainee Chang Xiaoyu