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Escrivá wants to transfer the pension deficit to the Treasury and delay the effective retirement age


Transfer part of the system expenses to the General State Budget (PGE) and that the deficit is corrected, at least in part, through taxes. The minister of Seguri

  • February data.The average Social Security pension exceeds 1,000 euros for the first time in history
  • The one-year pension Social Security reacts and will return the 12,000 euros that a confiscated person confiscated after confusing the date of his death
  • Taxes.The Government will allocate the 'Google rate' and the 'Tobin rate' to tackle the Social Security hole

Transfer part of the system expenses to the General State Budget (PGE) and that the deficit is corrected, at least in part, through taxes. The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, presented this Thursday in Congress the basic lines of his mandate, and among them included the elimination of "improper expenses" of the system.

" What we have done is to overload Social Security with all kinds of measures to be financed with social contributions . But they must be paid with the Budgets and this generates a distorted picture," Escrivá said, while emphasizing that the minister herself of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, "has recognized that this is an issue that must be redirected." These improper expenses include, for example, the operating expenses of the Ministry itself, employment promotion measures or even non-contributory benefits, and this newspaper has already published that the collection of taxes such as the Tobin rate and the Google rate will help finance these aspects.

This action, as well as raising the effective retirement age to the legal age , that is, that the majority of the population withdraws at the age that is really set and not before, are actions that Escrivá has already requested from the presidency of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF). In fact, the minister has referred to the results of different works that the Fiscal Authority carried out under his direction.

A drama that is not true

Escrivá has also wanted to convey, on more than one occasion, that "Social Security is solvent". "Despite the numbers, we have a Social Security that is solid and solvent," said the minister.

In fact, the former president of the AIReF has criticized the transmission of the feeling that Social Security is in a very delicate financial situation, and has pointed directly to politicians and the media. "We are installing on pensioners, who are the most vulnerable group and who do not have the capacity to improve their income, we are telling them that their future income is at risk when it is not true. We are making them make economic decisions that they would not take in another case. We make them afraid and save, "he said.

The importance of immigration

Escrivá is not only Minister of Social Security, but also of Inclusion and Migration. On the first point, the Government prepares a minimum vital income (IMV) for the "most vulnerable groups" and with an "economic endowment that allows to reduce the current levels of inequality and poverty".

And as regards immigration, Escrivá has stressed that Spain has a level of foreign population "lower than that of homologous countries", and has stated that the arrival of citizens from other countries is necessary from an economic and welfare point of view . "The Spanish population would have stabilized below 40 million people and our labor market and our Welfare State would be very different."

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